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The Real Victims of Katrina


Former New Orleans residents have been testifying before Congress, demanding jobs, money, housing, medical care and so forth.

Who is to provide this booty?

You. The American taxpayer. See, you are really a milk cow, to be milked whenever someone's irresponsibility bites them on the ass. Someone chooses to live in a city that's in a hurricane zone, between two large bodies of water, below sea level -- so, when the inevitable happens, you, the taxpayer are supposed to be there, to clean up the mess. And if your not fast enough, you get screamed at.

What if I don't want to fund other people's irresponsibility? "Well, we've got guns and jails, so you'll pay or else!" Like most liberals, since they can't convince someone to cooperate, they resort to violence.

Since when did the claims of parasites become a moral claim on the host? How did those who don't produce get a moral blank check on those who do? Why do zeros have a mortgage on life?

I'm sure the libs woll call me a heartless, selfish, racist brute. But what am I guilty of? That I want to spend the money that I earned, by my own honest effort? I worked nights in a factory to get my BA. I spent sleepless nights getting my MA. I am proud of my meager earnings (I'm a teacher.). Now my earning are 'on call' for those who didn't want to be bothered? I have to pay blackmail to the lazy?

Someday, this will all come tumbling down. Someday, the real victims will will simply say, "No." Watch for that day.


That's without any doubt the most worrying part of your post.


Why does that worry you?


So, you are the real victim of Katrina?


I agree. God forbid we should have someone who opposes socialism and believes in personal responsibility actually teaching in the government schools! Sort of defeats the whole purpose of the system, doesn't it?


I like teaching personal responsibility. Is that what this lesson was about? This still makes me wonder why so many have health insurance. If you truly think this way, shouldn't you drop your's?




Better yet, why not just make the government pay for it by the point of a gun to the head of the generations following mine? Oh wait, that's going to happen anyway...


I want to be clear that I am not against helping the poor, or those in desperate circumstances. I AM against being FORCED to contribute against my will. Many people are against the war, for example. They should not be forced to pay for something they find objectionable. My philosophy of life is that ALL RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS MUST BE VOLUNTARY, ON ALL SIDES. Otherwise, someone is the master and someone is their slave. We many not be able to attain the ideal, but there it is.

Those who wish to contribute to the people made homeless and so forth by the hurricane are free to do so. When I am forced to contribute, however, I do so but only with the threat of jail or a gun pointed at me. I refuse to allow the system to disguise what they do as benevolence -- it is not. It is a system of blackmail, designed to rob the productive for the expense of the non-productive. It is altruism taken to its logical conclusion. It is the philosophy of the parasite.



I hope you survive the traumatic experience of paying a few extra tax dollars this year, although most of us already know that this is much worse than having your house trashed and your life disrupted for an extended period, I still want to thank you for the reminder of who the true victims are.


Uh, I think you misunderstood. Do you have health insurance? Why do you have it? Why not take personal responsibility and if you get sick...PAY FOR IT out of your own pocket?


Very well said. Coerced charity has another name: Communism.

I recommend looking up a speech given by Tenneseee Rep. Davy Crockett entitled "Not Yours to Give". Here, I'll save you the time.



Here is a classic example of this mindset: Someone is in need, so someone else must foot the bill. A 'lack of' has a mortgage, a moral claim, against the 'has'. The parasite has a moral claim on the host.

"Its only a few drops of blood." says the parasite. "You'll never miss it. I'm starving here! I know that you losing those few drops of blood would be much more traumatic than me being hungry!"

So, we've heard from parasite #1. Where are the rest?


Insurance is a voluntary agreement between the two parties. But say, Prof X, since you probably have a pretty high income, shouldn't you be forced to pay for insurance for those in need? Is your desire for, a new car for example, more important than the poor who have no insurance? Shouldn't you drive an old beater and pay someone else's insurance bills? Isn't the need of those who have little a moral claim on those who have more? Aren't you supposed to be enslaved because of your ability and intelligience, enslaved to those who have neither your intelligience or your ability? Aren't the ambitious here to serve the needs of the lazy?

I hope everyone sees how the worship of need has infected us all. Until we expel this from our consciousness, we never will have a civilized world -- just parasites and victims.


I most certainly did not misunderstand. It was just such a piss-poor example of logic that it was hardly worth the time. But, since you force me...

So, while we're at it, why not get rid of my liability insurance on my car so if I cause an accident I can take full responsibility and pay for it out of my own pocket? Makes about as much sense as your proposition.

Or hey, since I live in South Florida, why not get rid of the insurance on my personal belongings so when I lose them in the next hurricane I can just drain my savings account to pay for it?

Having insurance is an EXAMPLE of personal responsibility.

I also had a) food, b) water, c) a full tank of gas, d) cash, and e) a loaded AR-15. As such, I did not have to wait in ridiculously long lines for food, water and gas, or worry about possible looting, and I didn't have to go on TV with a sob story about how the government failed me. It's called being prepared. See?


I agree completely. They should have had flood/hurricane insurance in either their homeowners or rental insurance coverage. The demanding of tax dollars to cover their lack of responsibility is unbelievable. On top of that look at the amount of money raised by other organizations to provide relief.

Even after Rita hit, I saw several collections for Katrina in local shops. I would love to compare the amount of money raised for this hurricane and compare it to others in recent history. It would be interesting to compare the total amounts both raised privately and public funds to many different data points, such as inflation, cost of damage, lives lost and so on.

I have a feeling that the amount of compensation, outside of what they should have had in place i.e. flood/hurricane insurance, is far greater than that of other storm victims. The whole situation is unfortunate but the threat was very real and had been known for a long time and the victims chose to live there.


Completely independent of the hurricanes (YES, multiple hurricanes with victims that get no sympathy due to the racial talk of new orleans) There are very poor folks of all races in TX, GA, MS who have been royally shafted...even further because they dont get even any attention. Some of these RITA folks fit the no-gooder title appended to KATRINA folks in new orleans and want to take advantage of the system. Some do need help and arent getting it in both places. That is not a shocker.

Really no sides here, but I wanted to point out that I pay a substantial premium every week (~$20/wk) for low end HMO health insurance. (and I have a pretty good deal going) Sure, my company (not the government directly) augments the total cost for the insurance. If I didnt have an employer who offered insurance 'help', I would still have insurance, albeit more costly out of pocket. One must have it because, as you alluded to Prof, the cost for medical care is ridiculous.

Why so expensive?

One reason**: the 'cost' to cover those without insurance. Some do not have insurance because it is simply too expensive, some do not have it, because, well....they don't need to have it because the government will give it to them free of charge even though they do have the means (even though it makes their budget tighter). I dont think that you can debate that this occurs in far, far too many cases.

I pay for my health care costs. I also pay for other's health care costs in taxes. My insurace premiums also increase to also cover other's health care costs. Multiple 'taxations'.

I have no problem being taxed to help others in need. I do believe there should be limits.

That was a long post for not really saying much, huh.

**(we (I) dont have time (nor desire) to discuss the bureacracy associated with other reasons for increased health care costs)


I sit and wonder where all the billions and millions of dollars raised by "charities" and such went. I'm sure there were several million dollars raised. If there were 2 million, I don't know the figure people in need in NO. I'm sure there was enough money to help them rebuild according to all the "We raised xxxdollars signes everywhere." Where did this money go? The math certainly doesn't work out.


By analogy, another reason may be that if, for example, your car insurance were to cover every single oil change and tire rotation, the administrative costs would likely drive up the price of these simple procedures in the same way a simple medical check-up costs...well, I don't even know...but you see my point...


I agree with you there. Did you hear about how many people in Florida stole insurance money after the Hurricanes by filing individually and then again through government assistance? Why isn't there the same uproar for those more well off individuals when the amount stolen was believed to be in the millions? But it is the Hurricane Katrina victims we only hear rants about?