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The Real T-Shady

as we all know, testosterone is produced in the testicles. my theory is, the bigger the size of one’s hairy gumdrops, the more testosterone he will have. which is why, after thinking about it for a while, proves that rapper EMINEM is one of the best T-men alive. the shit that dude says, man that takes some gigantic twig and giggleberries. besides being a huge fan of his music (especially his new song), i know that i would never say some of the stuff that he does, but i damn sure think it. not the killing part, but even that he says in his lyrics that he is joking. i think if we got him doing EDT and massive eating, he would be the ultimate T-man.

He is incredibly gay. Literally, they say…

Yeah, it sure takes balls to make fun of Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake. Then he took it a step further and started “dissing” Christina Aguilera. Man, that guy has no fear. Then he proved himself to be the ultimate bad ass by cracking on Fred Durst. Does he have a death wish?

Talk about shooting fish in a barrel. I’d be interested to see if he actually has the balls to say something about someone that might actually do something about it. I’ll believe your contention that Eminem has balls as soon as he writes a song about how much of a pussy Master P is.

You might say that Master P never did anything to warrant anything from Eminem, but neither did Brittany. Wonder if that is just a coincidence?

You are joking,right? Eminem is a fucking punk-ass pussy!

ok you guys just proved my point. his goal is to piss people off. hell if it takes making fun of boybands then whatever, but im just saying i bet you guys wouldnt have the balls to piss 10 million total strangers off. (hehe i knew i would get some people disagreeing with this one.)

most of the shi* is fake. I doubt eminem would talk shit to a guy (without his bodyguards) 3x his size.

I don’t really think that it takes big balls
to piss people off, especially young women and men that some may say your jealous of.
Now when M&M starts “dissing” rappers like Ice Cube, Snoop etc… or who he KNOWS will take offense then it’ll just go to show the size of his brain or lack of. Not that his any better than the so called bubble gum pop groups, hell his a bubble gum rapper himself. Just my centavos.

He like most big time popstars etc now is told exactly what to say and how to say it. He as we know him is a puppet with a big corporations hand right up his as dictating his every movement.


Eminem a t-man!!! ROFL He is the biggest fraud out there! I am from Detroit and no one ever heard of this guy until Dre picked him up (Kid Rock, ICP, Esham were all big on the underground scene 10 years ago…not Em). He is Dre’s lil’ white biiiiitch that Dre picked up in order to make money off of white trash. Is a t-man a puppet? Would a t-man berate his mother in public no matter what semi-awful thing she has done? Would a t-man hit a woman? If you think he is a t-man because of what he says, remember…“talk is cheap.” It takes more than words to be a t-man, and saying he is one just because of what he says on an album is weak. Half the shit he would not even dare say to peoples’ faces; he is a fake, a phony and a fraud. And you ain’t no t-man if you think he is.

whatEVER! He’s just another one who needed a good solid spanking in his youth.

I’ve been pissing off people since I was born, for free…

Good grief, if you think Reese’s Pieces is a t-man, I’d hate to see a free test panel done on you.

If I ever become a rock star, I’m going to make a video in which an Eminem look-a-like gets corn-holed by an Elton John look-a-like for the entire duration of the song, then gets up of the floor and says “that was a great tea party.” I hate that scawny little bitch.

Eminem is a bitch!

Now that it is settled about Eminem…can JC be a T-man by even suggesting Eminem is one? I say NO!!! :wink:

ok ok im buckling down, admitting my mistake, and changing my opinion. the more i think about it, eminem is kind of a bitch, and yeah his scrawny ass probably coulndt do shit in person. hey everyone is allowed one estrogenic post without losing the t-man stature, right? im just glad i got mine out of the way.

How old are you?

There ya go JC. A real t-man is not afraid to admit his mistakes!! You have redeemed yourself!!!

ok lets not post anymore on this thread, let it die away into the “next 25 message” column, and forget about the time where I, JC, forgot to take my M, therefore causing an estrogen imbalance. i swear i wont forget to take my supplements ever again. --JC with a sudden surge of testosterone running through my body