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The Real Secret To Getting Hyooog!

I’m writing this as a man in my mid 30s mostly to all you younger guys out there in your teens/early 20s (since I wished someone would have emphasized the following to me): You can eat all the right foods/fluids in all the right quantities and ratios. You can get proper and deep state sleep/rest. You can take all of the proven supplements on the market. You can inject the best roid stacks out there. You can train like a demon and utilize all of the appropriate techniques and strategies for obtaining gains. But if you still lack one important personal factor, you will only make minimum gains–if any. What is the one key factor for achieving your dream physique? What is the real (but not so sensational) secret for getting hyoooog? It is DISCIPLINE–self discipline to be exact. Unless you generate deep within yourself the radical commitment to be disciplined in your approach to your life–esp. your training, you will never reach the potential that you have. Discipline is the thing that puts all of the correct diet, training, rest, etc. into consistently productive and sustained synergy with each other. If you ate well but slough off on training, you won’t get the gains you want. If you inject quality drugs but don’t prosecute your diet properly you will get only minimum gains. The list goes on. Plato’s basic theory of justice, to paraphrase, was each part of the soul performing it’s proper function; the spirited element, reason and the appetitive desires each performing it’s job to it’s fitting proportion. This thought can readily be applied your “Get Hella Big” enterprise. Each component (diet, nutrition, rest, training, etc.) must be consistently present and prosecuted in your life. Both the presence and prosecution are dependent upon YOU. You must cultivate the virtue of discipline (or Fortitude as they called it in the Middle Ages). This is the real secret to getting the physique you want. Discipline will keep you in the gym day after day, month after month, and year after year. Discipline will make you eat all the boring Tuna and veggies you can stand. Discipline will make you exercise proper form. Discipline will convert your mentality so much so that training becomes a lifestyle and not just a temporary stint. Discipline will get your ass off the couch–to go train–when the Juggies are doing their trampoline thing on The Man Show. Get get all of the cutting edge technology for getting hyoooog, but above all else, get discipline. How/where do you get it? Discipline is a decision. You have to take yourself in hand–so to speak–and will it into existence. Once you on your way, 2 things happen. It becomes a habit and you are encouraged by the positive results. Now it’s time to stay focused and don’t let anything detract from your commitment. Soon it will become your lifestyle and will postively affect the rest of your life for the rest of your life.

I thought it was snips and snails and puppy dog tails. You mix all that shit in a blender.

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I see your point but disagree somewhat. I think desire is more important than discipline. If you condition yourself to do things out of discipline it will eventually become a chore, but if you focus on your desire, then discipline just takes care of itself.

nice speach

I was assuming everyone who read T-Mag already adopts these principles that you have outlined here.

shades of Bradley J. Steiner…