The real 'secret' to getting huge

Doug Hepburn said it was ‘forced feeding & heavy training’. Anybody disagree?

goin heavy, not over training, eatin like a mo-fo, and sleep.

I have one question…what was Doug Hepburn’s bodyfat percentage?

If only it were that easy. Might work for an ectomorph teen though. Except define “heavy”. Does that mean we should all train like powerlifters? The hypertrophy zone for the average person is 10-12 reps, at least for beginners if you use Ian King’s formula. Personally, Hepburn’s advice would make me a fat cow.

I’m not so sure about “forced feeding”… unless your goal is to look like the marshmellow man. Maybe “smart eating?” I guess that doesn’t quite have the ring to it…

Sorta disagree. Overgeneralized aphorisms are almost worthless. For example, wanna know the secret to making millions in the stock market? Buy low and sell high. Great in theory, right? But quite difficult to pull off in practice. Same with quotes like Hepburn’s.

I don’t think what he said is supposed to be taken literally. Skinny little guys are too afraid of losing their precious 6 packs to eat lots & get more size, & people have got to do, say, heavy squats & olympic presses instead of foofoo slow-motion leg extensions & 500g lat raises.

I could willingly eat 10,000 calories a day, so I don’t think I’ll ever experience the joys of forced feeding =D

Hearing about peoples diet, I think that most are getting nowhere near the amount of protein that they need, hearing of peoples training, my gains in size come when I increase the volume AND frequency of my training. So if all is kept in check, I think that a timed cycle of hypertraining and increased volume would work. Sub maximal weights that is, avoiding failure.

for 1 year eat 500 cals more then you need everyday, lift heavy 2-3x’s per week. it IS simple!