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The Real PNAC






Yes, it's the truth, but so what, give us enterntainment, food, sports and we'll be happy, who cares about the truth, it's the democrats fault, wait it's the republicans, who cares if the 9/11 commission was a fraud, it's all a conspiracy anyway, the government isn't that bad, come on, we had to invade iraq to keep our freedom...right???

wait, that doesn't make sense, what the hell, just repeat it enough times and us brainwashed americans will believe it, anyway, President Bush is a christian, he has prayer breakfasts and goes to church holding a Bible....oh wait, that doesn't make you a christian....hmmm, that would also make Clinton a christian.....and we know that's not real since "by their fruits ye shall know them"....

and we need to invade iran too, you know they're bad, and they don't like israel so you know we got to go defend israel since israel has done so much for us, right??? well, not really, but we're americans, U.S.A, U.S.A!!! and we all know that muslims are bad right???....the soldiers are in Iraq fighting for our freedom, oh wait I said that already, damn it's confusing repeating the same rethoric that doesn't make sense, who cares, nobody questions it, they all drink it like kool aid, let me get my made in china US flag and wave it to support our troops, after all they're fighting for our free......damn!! not again!!!!


Just....beautiful...like prose.


It is prose.


damn you! always right.


I have been appalled by PNAC for quite sometime, but most people label me a conspiracy nut job and ignore me.

I think it is an alarming fact that 49% of the American people think Saddam had something to with 9/11. It is alarming because this fact should be plastered and repeated on every news media, but it is hidden.


repackaged military-industrial complex yeah thats quite the conspiracy


Yeah it's wierd huh? What is it with these kooks. So caught up society, does it stir they're perfect simplicity of life? Or denial that they just wouldn't admit to being manipulated?


What kind of response are you expecting?

Do you have any solutions for the problems mentioned in the video?

Do you expect a 2 minute video to cause millions of people to suddenly rise up against "society?"

Teenage rebellion is very cute, but doesn't really lend itself to lengthy discussions.


I was acaully expecting a response from some dickhead tnationer like HH but you happened to feel the need to speak up. And of course I expect a 2 min video to spread amongst the masses making millions finally come to this alternate conclusion and rise up against our evil leader! exactly what I want you got it. Really though wait it out, give it a few years and you'll have you're "Teenage Rebellion". Oh and I think you're cute too


So basically, you DON'T have any solutions to propose for your perceived problems. You just call them out and expect others to take care of them for you?

That's what I mean by teenage rebellion: You're excellent at pointing out the myriads little things that aren't quite perfect in our society, but have no idea on how to fix any of it. You get the same dumb reactions if you discuss "world issues" with teenagers. They'll point out the evil corporations and the evil automobiles and the evil military and the evil drug companies and the evil governments and on and on ad nauseam; but have zero ideas on how to improve the situation unless it's totally ridiculous and unworkable ideas like disband the corporations or ban the automobiles.

So, again, do you have any workable solution to propose, or are you just ineptly trolling for reactions?


How about this for a solution, and my effort toward the solution. Voice my viewpoint and argument anytime I see or read people that are closing their mind and being spoon fed information by the mass media. Maybe i can sway a vote, and that vote may sway another.

I think just trying to open eyes is still effort.


I merely laugh at the idea of religion and T.V, I point out the problems as a reminder of our non-progression as a race. Do I have a solution? No. Do I have ideas of what I want my world to look like? Yes, But I laugh and cry my head off at the same time because right now I am not seeing anything being done with the world I live in.

I guess what I am trying to say is I am awake at 4 am to the terrifying undeniable truth that there is nothing I can do to stop the monster.