The Real Meaning Behind Rocky

In every Rocky movie, the one that trains with free weights and not with machines wins. Think about it. Thats the true meaning behind Rocky. Train with Free Weights and leave the machines alone!

Didn’t he train by lifting carts full of people? Well, in fourth one(Vs. the Russian) he did. He also ran up a mountain to train. I’m going to have to try these techniques. :wink:

Though I agree fully, I always thought that they showed Rocky with free weights because he was the underdog and didn’t have money to buy these “expensive and better machines.” Over the Top is still a better movie in my opinion. :slight_smile:

If that Russian dude trained with kettlebells, he could have beat Rocky. Then Pavel T. would be proud!

thats not rocky 3 while training for t he was using machines.

Jay: that’s true, he trained in a fancy gym, Clubber (Mr T) trained with free weights and shit, and Rocky got dropped in two rounds. Then, Rocky trains with Apollo in a dingy gym Old Skool style, and wins. So, the theory holds: Machines = getting knocked out

see. i told ya so.

im not promoting machines.only stating a fact in the movie.but be real im sure holyfield and lewis have used a few machines here and there.

Funny thread man. Thinking about it didn’t the russian train with Nautilus??? Yikes!!!

Well shit I’ll admit that I have used machines. Hard to do a lot of exercises without them. BUT obviously I don’t use them if I can use free weights instead.

I guess jay doesnt have a sense of humor at all. No one and i repeat no one knows Rocky movies like me. In Rocky III before he fought Clubber Lang for the first time, he trained exclusively on machines and lost. In the second part of the movie he went back old skool and kicked his ass.

If you really want to whoop ass you have to pull logs and climb mountains. Now that’s hardcore. Rocky even did sprints. Rocky defintely ain’t no sissy.

Humour people humour. i never said that you couldnt use machines. i was trying to be funny. chill out.

Shows how hard it is to convey humor over the written word. Obviously though, if Rocky would have used either the Ab-doer or any one of the ab-energizers on television he would have won all of his fights.

ill bet in rocky six the old geriatric will be using machines cause they are easier on the joints.

Just for the record; there is a training program that Dr Fred Hartfiel used to condition Holyfield before his fight with Tyson (which he won). By Hartfield admission Holly was in a shitty form before they started. The program itself was pretty interesting, (some ideas were borrowed from the east, as an ex boxer from soviet union I recognised many methods) but a few ideas were original and interesting. It involved no long aerobic sessions but short 3mins anaerobic bouts. He trained with free weights (no machines) though the training was more bodybuilding oriented (i think olympic lifting or functional training a la coach Davis would be better). Unfortunately I lost the link to that program, but one could find it at Hartfields site.