The Real Leith Sullivan

Long time lurker and lover of the site decided to post a log to get more active in this community and have a solid reason to have clients check it out as well.

Background: I’m a three job guy, regular just started with corrections, been an infantryman in the army 11 years currently a pl in the FL ARNG, been a personal trainer for SC and martial arts specializing in Judo off and on for about 2 years now. Married to a tank of a woman who works for the local sheriffs dept and is a wonderful mother to our 1yo. Coming to you from Cape Canaveral FL.

What my current diet looks like overall/generally: 3 meals, 5 snacks, supps; super food, creatine, carnivore, triflex, multi. I know nutrition pretty well and supps are expensive so I try to cycle regularly different protocols depending on what I need v what I can afford.

Training plan for now ( I adjust aspects constantly ) : every weekday within 30min of wakeup, 1 set pushups to failure, run 2-3 miles( sprinting start near walk finish , gassing ), 1 set pullups to failure. Yoga 20min.

Mon: Crossfit wod, running 3-5 miles at pase.

Tue: Crossfit wod light and easy as warm up for 5/3/1 lower body concentration.

Wed: active rest, surfing ect…

Thu: same as Tuesday with upper body

Fri: active rest

Sat: park run, I put on pack with 35lbs, run around my local park and hit monkey bars, pull ups, rope climbs, every lap around or 3 miles x 10 or 30 miles. Very slow pace.

Sunday: church.

Oh and of course ill field any questions and take any critique as it comes.

My pack. Today’s run was only 18 technically but since it was because a spontaneous volleyball game broke out and that led to a sweet car show I’m calling the day a win.

2 rounds for time of: 30-inch box jumps, 20 reps 5 muscle-ups 24-inch box jumps, 30 reps 5 muscle-ups 20-inch box jumps, 40 reps 5 muscle-ups

Wod time around 20min. Didn’t track to closely cuz I could only get 8 muscle ups, finished the rest with regular pull ups, and I didn’t have multiple boxes just one 3’. Started the morning with a set of 50 push ups and a 2 mile run at 12min and skipped pull ups knowing I had muscle ups later. Topped off with decent 3 mile run by feel. Again didn’t bother tracking time.

For time: 225-lb. deadlifts, 21 reps Run 400 meters 225-lb. deadlifts, 18 reps Run 400 meters 225-lb. deadlifts, 15 reps Run 400 meters 225-lb. deadlifts, 12 reps Run 400 meters.

That’s the posted wod. Since I was planing on doing heavy squats for lifting I may go lighter on the weight and almost certainly less reps. So yeah anyway it will be squat and bench day.

Really no questions or comments? I know some of you guys are dieing to rip me apart and question my whole existence. Lol. I’m a big boy I’d love any feed back.

And here’s a recent pic of me for the hell of it. Ok I’m done for the night I promise.

I’ve been gone for a bit because its proven impossible to keep a regular schedule as I wanted to set it up and I’ve honestly just been to frustrated to bother tracking it. So I’m doing a reset of schedule. As much as I liked the idea of my old one on paper its proven impractical with work and family. So I’m spreading it out more. My morning routine will pretty much stay the same but instead of doing wed Fri off with Tue Thu doubled up I’m just going to have to be a normal person and do Mon wed Fri Crossfit and Tue Thu 5/3/1 still keeping my Saturday for endurance/fun events. My goals remain as going for well rounded athletic ability not just Crossfit fit or 5/3/1 strong.

I will also probably start spending more time in the mornings on yoga with a little less running. I also plan on using a rotating day off so I can still get in my surfing and chill. Baisicly every 3 days ill skip whatever workout it falls on. One more thing. I know some think I should be working more and some less while others just think my mixed program is stupid but I don’t care. If you have anything constructive please comment if not why bother?

AMRAP: 15 single leg box jumps @ 3’, 12 overhead press @ 145#, 9 toe to bars (rings used). 3.5 rounds in 20min.

Off day.

Front squat at 155#
Deadlift at 345#
High pulls at 135#

400m run, 25 burpee super set x 3

at drill