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The Real John McCain


We've complained plenty about Obama recently. I can't see how any of the other candidates are any better. Here's the real John McCain:


I've got less than no confidence in his leadership either.


Sorry, but McCain's foreign policy comes off like Bush's, but on steroids. His rhetoric and temperament make me very nervous about him being in the white house.


You mean he's going to work harder at ushering in a Caliphate?


John McCain is obviously, the Manchurian Candidate.


You might have well posted something coming from MoveOn.org, they're just as biased.


I've seen McCain's behavior towards conservatives for the past 4 years - contempt. Don't forget the whole amnesty debacle that he and the gang of 14 tried to force down our throats. If you've got something proving that McCain's an honorable guy as opposed to a playboy Admiral's kid, I'm all ears.


McCain is a Jacksonian. Bush started out sounding like a realist, but his policy became neo-conservative (a mix of Wilsonianism and Jacksonianism). McCain would never get into the Wilsonian aspect of it. I also think McCain would be more in line with the Realist traditions of the Republican Party.

(article to put the terms in context: http://www.interventionmag.com/cms/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=300 ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Realism_%28international_relations%29 )

Here's an article on McCain's foreign policy:



That made me even more neverous.


Do you really believe that posting a single website is "proving" that he is not?

Vote McCain 2008!!!


No. Like I said, I've been following his voting and actions. I also don't believe in his "invade the world, invite the world" policy.


I wonder which of his lackies wrote that for him?


Good luck with that.


Looking better all the time...


I can see that. Republicans went out of their way to make sure Clinton gets votes, which is the reason McCain's chances are currently inflated.

If the shaky midget wins, I'll stop posting here for a full year.


Isn't there a way they can all lose?


As long as the economy doesn't tank, McCain has a pretty good shot.

Actually, if Iraq were to really go to hell in a handbasket quickly, that would hurt McCain's chances as well. Iran seems to comprehend this... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7311565.stm


Wow...talk about Orwellian double speak.

I guess Freedom and Warfare are now synonyms.

And, Liberty and Profit are the interchangeable.


It is on its way. Slowly but surely.

And they do that 10 months before the elections because...?

In my opinion, it is the opposite of what you claim. Washington(let's face it, Petraeus is just another Bushie) is making that claim to boost McCain's chances.

This whole Iran is aiding Al-Qaeda is beyond ridiculous. It defies common sense. Iran has greatly benefited from the overthrow of Hussein, and they have no possible reason for providing the US with excuses to stay in Iraq. Not to mention that Ben Laden and co. would turn to attacking Tehran the minute they get a chance.


Hypothetically, what happens if Iran just invades Iraq?

I'm not saying I want this to happen, but...what would we do?

Especially if the democrats take office?

Noone cared when Iraq invaded Iran, and that was only 20 years ago...so what would happen if the other way around happened?


Because it's far enough away that people will forget it by the election, but if they can destabilize Iraq the U.S. will look bad and McCain's candidacy will suffer - and he'd the only candidate who has talked about making sure to finish the job in Iraq (though as I've said I don't think either of the other candidates would really pull out right away - they're just pandering to the base, as Obama's fired FP advisor essentially said).

They've benefited as long as they don't get a Turkish-influenced functional democracy - Middle-Eastern style or not - on their doorstep. That would be very bad for the mullahs - and they are fighting hard to stop it. The QUDS isn't even a proxy force - that is Iranian military.