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The real Jesus is come to saves U!


Peace be and Amens!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, he is sitting on his thrown drinking beer or something like that… seems likes hes serious about the relegion thing, that makes it even funnier!

Help me jebus! This is a funny site. Check out Jesus calling posters on his board muthafukkas. Has to be a joke.

It gets even better! www.templeofblackjesus.com/ Black_Jesus_action_figure.html Remove space before Black.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I’m dying here. Check out this text from the Black Jesus Action figure page: Perfect car ornament:
Take your Black Jesus Action Figure with you
on trips to the convenience store for the select
malt beverages!
Under picture of BJ on the dashboard: Hey, while you in there get me a lotto ticket and a pack of Newpotes!"
Too Fucking Funny.


That is hillarious! Some might be offended, but I thought it was funny. I think my old English teacher is one of the people who wrote to Black Jesus. And my “Black Jesus action figure” is in the mail! (not really)