The Real Iraq

This thread is for people in the states to be informed as to what is really going on in Iraq. Feel free to ask questions so I can direct my monologues specifically.

For a little background, I am an Active Duty Army Officer currently deployed to Iraq, and have been here for 10 months now. I was deployed as part of the surge. I have seen some good and bad things over here and would like to share my experiences with the men and women on this site to further inform our great nation about the real things going on over here, and not just what the media reports.

I look forward to a great dicussion with everyone…

How’s the sunni counter insurgency going? How the hell’d the security let so many of their leaders get killed? Wouldn’t it have been better to evacuate the counter insurgency leaders to a safe country, much like the Iranians have done for al Sadr?

Hey, I’m not bitching. How’s the counter insurgency going? What insight do you have on things?