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The Real Definition of 'The Ghey'


I have been around these forums for a long ass time. No word has caused more laughs or uproar than the infamous "Ghey".

Today I took the liberty to reach into one of the finer dictionaries of the English language and saw the actual definition of the word "ghey".


I laughed at the examples as I have witness even better examples here on this forum.

Enjoy and as usual be careful of the ghey!


And you're its finest example.



Ha, Ha


Is the urban dictionary a real dictionary?

Lets ask the college students in here, if you used and quoted the urban dictionary on a college paper would you get an A?

If someone uses the urban dictionary do you consider them a derp? or just a tard? or racist? or just lazy?

Serious questions for serious discussion. :slightly_smiling:


I think I added "oogy" to it years back after being followed.


I looked but don't see the entry I made.



I will have you know that I Sir am immune to "the ghey".

I cannot catch it not even playing around.

Professor X



Okay I have to ask what does it mean?


Some poster named Oogy was one of the original "trolls" on the forum who spent way too much time calling me out and following me around. After him trying to get personal info about my job, I coined the term "oogy" to describe someone stalking you over the internet.


Professor X

Holy Shit...I remember that. What ever happened to him?


I read that thread! Cracked me up. Ooogy= sheer brilliance in the context it was created.
Damn, wish I could remember what thread hat was.


You will provide links

Not beef or pork but ones of text...


Someone find this thread npw


Don't know and don't care. He claimed he was a tv newscaster. He was one of those who acted like posting here required you to not have a job....despite posting here.


Yes must find and post now!


Speaking of ghey

Id like to point everyone to my avatar

See it? Now you've got the gheu


I think it was a thread called "Who Is Professor X?" or something similar.
It was several years ago.


I thought that was you.


Well, it is him.


Yes your avatar and you have now been infected by the ghey. Like I told the soft dwarf is that I am immune to the ghey and can never ever be infected with it. I can't even catch it playing around ghey.