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The Real Batman Begins This Summer

The new Batman Begins movie trailer has just been put up on www.batmanbegins.com … click trailers then click “trailer”…all I can say is this movie is defantly gonna be a T-man movie and brings back the memory of reading a article by TC how all T-man are just like batman training are asses off to accomplish are goals. Also remember this movie is a complete restart of the franchise, so it has no connection with the other movies but it means were gonna get a dark bad ass batman this time.

I have been disgusted by the last few batman movies but from the trailers it looks pretty sweet. How he got to his level always deeply interested me. I guess that’s part of what I liked about Kill Bill Vol2. Should be interesting.

Squeak wins the award for hitting the Nail on The fucking head with a huge ass sledgehammer.

That’s exactly what makes the new movie so tight.