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The Rand Paul Stomper!!!111!!!


Pretty surprised this hasn't been made into a thread yet. County coordinator for Rand Paul has to be told that stepping on other people isn't really a nice thing to do. Pretty ridiculous. DEMOCRATS WOULD NEVER DO THAT! just kidding. Anyone that dumb and angry is liable to do something like that. Politics brings out the worst in people.


The MoveOn hippy was an idiot for trying to pick a fight with a giant mob. The super macho head stomper and co were morons for using physical force on a girl--and a hippy girl to boot! As we all know: tree-loving, vegan hippies are immensely strong and physically threatening.

it takes two morons on two sides to make the news.


I agree she was stupid. She underestimated the idiocy and recklessness of those folks and got a hell of a lot more of a response to her provocation than she bargained for.


Nice victim blaming. This is someone expressing their freedom of speech in a legal way. Yeah she's being a nuisance but that's how it is. She didn't deserve to be roughed up by some over the hill pricks.

It's a shame that you think she was an idiot for speaking her mind when the odds are against her. I may not agree with what she's saying but recognise it takes guts. I'm glad we don't live in a country of cowards like you.


I haven't heard what Rand actually said about the incident, but the way ABC reported it on the news was like "Rand Paul says he is glad that his opponent wasn't BADLY hurt." as though he secretly endorses violence or something. Typical mainstream slant, I guess, it just made me mad when I heard it on the radio today.


They should have tossed pee on her like the homosexuals did to the Christians in SF.




If you jump into shark infested waters with a giant cut on your leg, you are an idiot. Period. I am not victim-blaming, I am equally blaming both sides as they were all idiots.

Her right to free speech does not mean she can provoke whoever she wants without the risk of consequence. Speak, feel free. You might get your ass kicked.


Not exactly no, when you approach a political candidate, in disguise, appearing to have ulterior motives you pretty much have to expect some form of security to take you down.

Freedom of speech means the Gov. cannot censor you it does not mean you have the right run up to politicians like a lunatic. If she had tried this with the President they'd be burying her today, and with good cause.

Not to mention she was paid to do it by moveon.org according to what she said on Keith Obermann's show.

That said the foot to the head guy should be prosecuted.


Wow a Tea Party stomping huh? What's the score now? Tea Party-1 Unions-23? Where are all the threads about union beatings that took place outside of political meetings earlier in the year? And what about the black panthers intimidating voters? Does that count for anything?

It doesn't seem to at the Justice Department. Oh that's right, just like the Michelle Obama example. It's okay for her to politic at a polling place, but if Palin did it - JAIL TIME.

Let's hear it for the old double standard.


He was an idiot, she was an idiot but the MSM is lying to us, calling by it head stomping and head kicking. He was holding her down with his foot on her shoulder. He was not stomping on her head. And yes, he is an idiot.


I don't see what this has to do with anything.

Violence is wrong in any context.

Why do Paul and the Tea Party need to be called out because of this moron?


Did ya notice that I didn't even mention the tea party? Nice try.


You are victim blaming. She was a victim. They had no right to manhandle her like they did. It was a political protest for fucks sake. She has every right.

I would hate to live in your world where cowards like you run a place where free speech is stifled because pussies like you are too scared to say anything.


Feel free to post up some vids. I'm sure you will get some outrage. No? Suits your purposes not to huh? Better to just moan about double standards. Whatever helps you sleep at night.


You know that name calling doesn't actually advance a biased point of view, right?

It was not a political protest. Let's not make shit up.


How is my view biased?

Please try to answer without some warped analogy involving sharks. WTF?

I value freedom of speech. I hate bullying. That's what my view is based on. I would say the same thing if a neo nazi woman was manhandled in the same way at a unity rally. It wasn't a political protest? To be honest I have no clue what the fuck the protest was about - that's how unbiased I am. To me it's irrelevant.

I find your attitude disturbing. It is outright victim blaming. It's also very cowardly, she had the stones to do something you wouldn't so it's easier to knock her for it while you hide at home. Good on people getting out there and getting involved. We need more of it (regardless of where they lie on the political spectrum) and people like you and the bullies in the above video are stiffling it.


Update: That guy is a douche, wants her to apologize to him


I'm very curious to know how you know whether I am involved in politics or not. I really don't know why I'm a bully either. And cowardly? You're the one pretending to be some sort of behind the keyboard big shot.

The men who used aggressive force should answer to the law if this lady wants to press charges. It doesn't make her a genius to provoke them. And let's not make it appear like she's some kind of hero, she was incentivized by the almighty dollar.

No one violated her freedom of speech. I don't even understand where your logic stems. She can say whatever she wants. And if someone were to come up to me and say some inflammatory thing to me, I have every right to knock them out. They can press charges but, I can do it.

If all you intend to do is employ name calling and just repeat the same shit over and over, well, then you can have that last word.


lol, he did hit a girl so, I can't imagine he's anything other than an asshole.