The Rainbow and the Worm

I’m going to follow the government’s exercise guidelines and see what happens. They recommend 150-300 minutes of aerobic activity and at least 2 days of strength training per week with one set of 12-15 reps per major muscle group.

My general plan is to break it down into 3x50 minute sessions of moderate aerobic activity(60-70% max HR), 2-3 x 20-45 minute sessions of strenuous aerobic activity(up tp 85% max HR) and three strength sessions per week where I’ll increase the exercise resistance if I can get 15 reps with good form.

The plan is to give it about 12 weeks and I may throw in a test along the way if I’m feeling it.

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50 min on stair mill HR below 140


running drills
hill runs
HR below 170

Everything 1x15

standing leg curl
barbell front raise
hip aduct
hip abduct
rope pushdown
db side lateral raise
1-leg press
rope facepull
db curl
db rdl
standing calf raise
low back machine
pec deck fly
hammer pulldown
1-leg extension
behind the neck press
cable ext rotation
cable int rotation
cable ab rotation L-R
overhead medball wall rebound


50 min on the stair mill
HR 130-140 BPM



Band exercises for activation

Circuit 30 min HR under 170 BPM
Jumps, Bodyweight Exercises, Pushup Accelerations

Gym - Everything 1x15
Hip ad/b
donkey kick machine
ab crunch machine
back ext
hanging leg raise
TRX row
seated leg curl
row machine
reverse shrug
behind the neck pulldown
barbell front raise
bent over lateral raise
side lateral raise
barbell curl
overhead db triceps ext
standing db press
db rdl
int/ext rotation
cable side bend
Bulgarian split squat


50 minutes exercise bike
HR under 140



Technical Runs - 20 minutes
HR under 170 BPM

everything 1x15 unless noted

seated calf raise
hip ad/ab
lying leg curl
db row
barbell curl
cable ab rotation
int/ext rotation 1x10
db curl
rope pushdown
straight arm pushdown
rope crunch
hanging leg raise
pec deck bent arm
pec dec fly
bent over lateral
side lateral
machine row
face pull
behind the neck press
db rdl
overhead med ball wall rebound