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The Racial Thing


Here's some racial profiling for you:

Blacks are more violent than whites.

How much looting and raping is going on in Mississippi and Alabama . . . and in Louisiana communities that are mostly white? How many helicopters and rescue trucks were shot at in those places?

The reason we don't make forward progress in this country on race is because people have been conditioned to ignore racial differences. Blacks and whites are "the same" . . . so runs the multi-culturalist mantra.

But they're not.

We dress differently, talk differently, eat different food, listen to different music and have different customs. We differ physically. We follow different leaders and we have different beliefs. We live side-by-side in some places, but mostly we live in different places.

And we behave differently in social situations. We've seen blacks looting and rioting since the 1960s. It's what these communities do. Anyone with half a brain and willing to admit the truth, knew that New Orleans was going to hell.

We're two cultures and events like the animalistic chaos by blacks in New Orleans simply cements that fact.

Whites aren't blameless. White treatment of blacks was brutal . . . often sadistic. The Governor of Louisiana is white and New orleans has had incompetent and corrupt white leadership for 200 years. Many New Orleans blacks are still living in poverty and ignorance because of slavery. There's plenty of blame to go around.

But the way to go forward, on this racial issue, is to stop the bullshit . . . accept that we are two different cultures and we behave differently in social situations. There's good and bad in whites and there's good and bad in blacks. And there are differences in how we behave when the floods come.

My .02


I have just seen two pictures on Bill Maher?s show.

One showed a black man with food and water, that according to the caption he "looted" earlier.

One showed a white couple that, according to the caption, had "found" food and water in a nearby grocery store earlier.

How much of what you see is perception and how much is reality?

God, am I stoned.

By the way, as far as I know, NO had a black population of 70% to begin with, so who do you expect to see on TV?


It's not that "Blacks are more violent than whites", it's "poor and discriminated people who have little or nothing to lose are more violent than middle/upper class people".
The reason why you've seen alot of "black violence" in america is the social-economical state of blacks in the US are usaully far worse than that of your average WASP average joe.
Not racial diffrences, inviormental diffrences.


I would expect to see crowds made up of 70% blacks and 30% whites.

What do you see?


Only CNN, but in NO itself it seems to be mostly black people, and in the small cities/villages surrounding it about 50/50.

I do not really get how american cities are organized, but if poor black people live in the inner city (it is pretty much the other way around in Vienna) and the white middle class lives in suburbia surrounding NO, that is pretty much what I would expect to see.


The area greatest affect was the poorest. The poor in NO are mainly blacks. The 9th ward is mainly black and in poverty. It is from this area that Master-P, Ruthless Juveniles, C-Murder, Mobo Clik, Soldier Slim, and Silk the Shocker are from. If you ever listen to there stuff, you hear all about that area and the shit that goes down there.


As far as those two photos are concerned, has anyone taken into consideration that one is an AP photo and the other is an AFP photo? Did it occure to anyone that maybe, just maybe, different companies have different caption guidelines? I dont know if that is the case but crying racism at the slightest provocation cant be helpfull. People are becoming numb to it and I think in the long run its going to harm race relations in this country.


Did I cry racism?


Ha ha where have you been living? Playing the race card seems to be quite the popular ploy, even on this forum. Wait a few posts and you will see!


I didnt mean to imply that you cried racism. I was refering to those in the media and various bloggers who have been making a bid deal of the photos. I just think its stupid that they are comparing captions made by two different people working for two different companies and holding them up as proof of institutional racism.


On CNN they even showed The N.O. police saying that they had to get food and supplies that looters didnt get from the local Wal-Mart,and Some medical people stated that they had to break in to drug store across the street to get medical supplies.one lady tourist said the police took her s.u.v. away and told her you probably wont see it again.In the local newspaper of the largest city near me theres a story of a man & women that were in a hotel downtown for a E.M.T. seminar and a bus was sent in the next day to get them out and she tells how locals that tried to get on it were not let on or in some cases thrown off.


Thank god, I allready wondered where I could have picked up that habit, in a society that is 99% white.


It's all social conditioning. Put a white kid in a black family and he will "act black", and put a black kid in a white family and he will "act white".

You can blame society. You can blame individuals. But don't pin these bad things on all black people.


This is got to be one of the most bigoted posts I've read on these forums for awhile.

"Blacks and whites are different."

Blacks have been rioting since the early 60's."

So what are you really saying? Why don't you just spit out the next sentence and admit that "all blacks are an evil, dangerous race worse than animals and they need to be contained and exported to Africa" you bigoted piece of shit.

You know why you've seen primarily black riots since the 60's? Because equal rights were just being implemented by law (integrated schools, restaurants, etc.) but a lot of white people didn't change their racist attitudes overnight.

Since blacks have been maltreated for the last 2 centuries in this country you find that they make up a disproportionate majority of the lower socio-economic class.

Since the majority of the people in New Orleans are from a lower socio-economic class, that's why you see mostly blacks on TV. 99% of these people are not rioting, looting, etc. Many of them are fighting for their lives. They have family members dying right in front of their eyes. And we're focusing on the less than 1% that are looting for personal gain and then labeling all blacks as rioters. Again, you are one bigoted piece of shit.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of bigoted pieces of shit on this board and it makes me sick to my stomach. And yes, I'm white.


Can you explain to me how one "acts black" and "acts white"? Seriously, I would like a thorough description in your mind how one acts a certain color. I didn't know there was a rule book based on the color of your skin how one should act. I missed this unspoken code of conduct.


Why not? Doesn't the evidence show that black communities are more likely to riot, loot and burn than other communities? Can you point to another ethnic group that behaves like blacks do?

I understand the poverty/class warfare issue . . . but there are all types of poor. When's the last time dirt poor Polish-Amaricans or Asian-Americans torched their neighborhoods and went on a rampage? How many riots have there been in Appalachia?

Look, I agree . . . for every black asshole shooting at a helicopter, you'll find 99 that aren't . . . and I agree that you'll find lots of white assholes doing bad things too.

But the evidence suggests that blacks, as a gereral social grouping, are more likely to riot, loot and get violent.


That is because african americans in New Orleans tend to be on the very low end of the economic ladder. The 30% of the whites you expect to see have cars and drove out of the city. Had authorities actually evacuated low-income neighborhoods rather than letting them be, you wouldn't see the images you are on television.

I agree that race relations had something to do with the reaction in New Orleans, but I think you could insert any race group into that scenario and get the same results.

Katrina clearly hasn't helped race relations in the US. African Americans see the iamges on TV and conclude that they were abandeoned by the government. Whites see the same images and conclude the african americans are designed to riot. Either way you look at it, this is a sad episode for our country.


ps - go to hell


Put a white kid in an upper middle class white family and he will still TRY to act black... until the first sign of difficulty when he will promptly cry for mommy. I hate wiggers.


Despite your name calling and outrage, you really don't explain what we're seeing do you? Why aren't poor white communities shooting at helicopters?

It's not economics . . . If you run the numbers you'll find that there are more poor non-blacks in this country than there are TOTAL blacks (rich or poor). And they don't riot and loot.

And you can't blame the record of violence in black communities for the last 50 years on "racist white attitudes" of the 60s.

How do you explain for example, what happened with Northwest Airlines Flight 255? It crashed near Detroit in 1987 . . . 154 people killed, 1 four-year old survived. Blacks (and only blacks) from the surrounding area (which was mixed) rushed the scene and began looting the bodies and luggage.

I can't exaplin why, and I don't condemn all blacks . . . but blacks are more prone to violence and anti-social behavior.


How do you explain all the white people doing all that enslaving from the dawn of time? Those white MF sure seem dangerous to me!