The 'Racetams?

As I read more threads here I get more confused. General consensus of oxiracetam is that it boosts memory but leaves you drained after a few hours…but it seems like a coin toss whether ani or piracetam is recommended for a test. What would everyone suggest for a 4-5 hour test?


I never personally got anything out of oxi, that I noticed. But those who recommend it, recommend it as a study drug, not suitable for ‘performances’ such as tests.

For that, I would probably take 2-3g piracetam, plenty of green tea, a B-vitamin tablet, and I would take a caffeine tablet with me to have halfway through to keep my energy up.

‘Learning’ and ‘tests’ are two seperate things, and after all these years, I still think caffeine is king IMO, if used wisely.

Unquestionably and always aniracetam for exams. Why? because the anxiolytic esffect is somethig to be marvelled at and utilised to great adavantage. 600mg.


For study purposes do you take the reaceatam of choice throughout the day as a cumulative effect or only before the study session, and what doses seem to work best?
Also what doses seem to be best for the anti anxiety affect on exam day? Does the ani have to be taken for a few days before the exam to take affect or just prior to exam.
And yes I read both brain booster threads all the way through but confused about those areas lol. Thanks.