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The Race to Mediocrity


I stole this straight from another board...

is anyone on this board up for a little strength challenge? Kind of like a virtual powerlifting meet?

Thought it could be an amusing distraction for those of us who do not compete regularly, (or at all in my lazy arse case) and provide a bit of motivation and inspiration to anyone who needs it....

Generally speaking, I thought we could pick a date to aim for, and then post our training up to that date and then take part in our very own virtual meet. We could then post each other naked pics of our mothers. Sorry, went off a bit there.

Sure you could just bullshit your way to victory, but I suspect anyone who did that must have a very tiny penis to need that kind of adulation on the net.

If you think it's a gay idea then fine, but surely there must be some others who are up for this?


Why not just compete in a real powerlifting meet?


yeah, why didn't I think of that?


I like the idea...


Good idea, kind of like the other thread "PIC Challenge To Everyone!" only with powerlifting.

I would suggest at least action shots of all of the lifts, videos would be even better.

Maybe even a picture with each contestant standing on a scale to be able to put everyone into weight classes (not those adjustable home scales either; I could make myself 30lbs lighter with them).


What happened to this thread?

So many are willing to post their bodies, but not their lifts???

My fat ass may be biased though.


I'm down. My numbers aren't impressive, but it'll be good motivation.


I'v got meets on 11 march and 28 april.I will post some pics from thoe days for both these threads.

Hoping to lift in the 100kg (225?) weight class.It will be a bastard if I have to lift in the 110kg class at my current 101.5kg's




Just compete in a real meet, it's a rush.

Have someone there to help you wrap your knees and get into your stuff though.


bump for any more interest...

re doing an actual meet, this is all well and good if there are semi-regular competitions near you, but I can't seem to find any 'entry-level' type ones around here.

I'm also currently doing my first cycle of a joe average style template, and am not sure of what the results will be yet. I'm thinking that while I am getting the band tension right my numbers may drop slightly - this would kind of piss me off if I then went to a competition and lifted under what I'd expect to.


This would be cool.

How are we going to administer the drug tests though? :wink:


I'm in, I'm by no means impressive, but hey, fuck it.

And I also said I was in on the pic thread, althought a stomach virus as well as some other stuff has my diet a little off. Oh well, cant back down now.


Hey, I'd be interested. I suppose somebody needs to come in last in my weight class. See it as Miserere's public service of the month.


ok cool, shall we set a date then?

Once we agree to that, we could keep things simple, and just post what weights you lifted/attempted, on that day, (or as close to that day as poss) along with your bw. Winner gets the respect and admiration of his peers, while the loser gets mocked mercilessly.


Can I compete? Will there be virtual-drug-testing too?



I think because of the low turn-out of competitors, everyone will have to be in the 'open' division.

There are more sponsors there anyway...


I'd definately be up for this... I've got my first meet on the 9th of April so i'll have weights to give then!


Nice idea.

I have a meet first weekend of may, though.


"Race to mediocrity" - Now, since mediocrity literally means "middle of the road", are you talking a "race to egalitarianism"? Are you talking gasp communism, son??

If so, I'm all for it!!

Oh, liar-ing about numbers... pfft