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The Race Thread - 2021

Pal - at no point was I trying to call you anything. The fact that you think that I was leads me to believe that you’ve totally missed the spirit of what I was trying to say. None of this matters, as this conversation has become wildly counterproductive and a distraction to the thread. I propose we set this down.

Why are we still basically in a cold war with Cuba? Folks who were kids when Castro took over are now geriatrics. Seems like the embargo just hurts Cubans, while Cuban leadership remains stable.

At what point do we start to normalize relations?

When they aren’t a Russian satellite sitting 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

But I thought Putin was a good guy? ;). Kidding, kidding.

How much aid does Cuba still get from Russia? Seems like Cuba is to Russia what N Korea is to china- a PITA, but someone they feel duty bound to not totally abandon.

They want the good steroids the cubans have.

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No. This is simply trolling by the Russians.

Look guys no one is saying the n-word so I guess it’s not racism…oh wait a minute…