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The Race Results Thread

Does T-Nation like these kinds of threads? Just a thread where people can bump it with race results. It can be any kind of “race”: 5k, mile, marathon, cycling, spartan, official crossfit competitions (no idea?), etc. So in addition to other threads, maybe just drop a post in here if you are preparing for a race or completed a race?


Last year (2016) around this time I started running 5k’s in September. So raced several 5k’s up until December. In December, there’s three 1-mile races around here, which are very fast. All of them are sub-5 top 3 - historical results have sub 4:20’s in there too (4:15). I had a decent shot at getting sub-5 last year but I made some mistakes & the best I was able to get a 5:12.

I’m currently getting back into shape after being injured for several months. I’m hoping to get in a 5k race in early September. I’m definitely in good shape right now but not really 5k competition shape, so that first race might be pretty rough. I’ve been doing mostly speed work - nothing over 800m lmao… I’m confident I could gut out a good 5k in September but it could get brutal. Regardless of what kind of shape i’m in, i’m going to do some races anyway because 5k events are actually really fun - great atmosphere.

I’m mostly interested in the mile races in December 2017 though. I basically have three chances to go official sub-5, that’s the goal. So i’m going to do 5k races for fun & try to get back to PR attempts for the first mile of those races, like I did last year. It’s a really good training tool - some very fast people can show up to these 5k’s and they run a low 5 minute mile for the first mile of the 5k. So you just try and keep up with them for as long as possible and then you die and try to hold on for the rest of the race.

Example “preparation post”. I guess i’ll bump it when I do a race.


Ive never ran a race longer than 5k (adventure races not included), I doubt I have the will power to run a marathon, or even a half marathon, without a bear chasing me. I ran a 5k back in February, I live in a small city that holds an annual 5k for shits and giggles, and had the time of 18 minutes and 54 seconds. Not fast enough to win anything but fast enough to pat myself on the back.

The fastest mile I ever ran was 5 minutes and 17 seconds but that was years ago and would probably hurt something if I ran under a 6 now. I have no more interest in those “long” races anymore, just want to look shmexy for the ladies and my training reflects that. I’ll do monthly sprints if I feel up to it.

I also did multiple Spartan races when they held the 8+ mile one down in Miami. Unfortunately when I visited the park for a kayak date, I asked one of the park rangers if she knew anything about why the park no longer hosted it and she said she heard someone broke their neck. I can’t remember my times for those and don’t care enough to look it up. I think my fastest for that was just under two hours.

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So… Hurricane Irma got the 5k I was going to do last weekend, postponed. About to sign up for one on October 8th (2017), of which I am “defending champ” lmfao. For some reason that makes me want to try and win it again. I feel pretty good for not training specifically for 5k’s, but i’m going to start getting myself more used to 1km/1 mile repeats in order to give myself more of a chance. Today I hit a few relaxed/moderate 1km repeats with full recovery, in the ~5:40 min/mi pace so I think I might have more of a chance than i’ve been thinking. This race is usually a high 18:XX or low 19:XX so, I really just need to be able to average ~6:10 min/mi to have a shot … You never know though, there’s always some skilled high school/college kid lurking, ready to wreck everyone.

This same race last year, was funny. I went out fast and had a considerable lead, and was just going to try and maintain it for the rest… but, it’s a mixed 5k/10k so, I missed the 5k turn around point. The people told me it was up further but they somehow thought I was running 10k… so i’m running past it (~0.1 mi) and I look back, and I see people start turning, so I run back and now i’m chasing second. So I ran an extra ~0.2 mi. Anyway I caught up with the second place kid (h.s. kid) and we were actually laughing about it and talked for a sec. Then we battled it out to the end and I got him on the kick.

I think i’m actually faster right now than I was in December 2016, but i’ve been focusing on <= 1 mile, not 5k’s. So just need to get in a bit more 5k specific intervals then just gut it out during the races like I normally do. But not trying to overly train for 5k because my goals are <= 1 mile, so my main focus is on shorter speed.


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