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The Quest. Pics.


Greetings all. I joined this site to mainly boost my "ego" in a sense. I know I'm not at all a huge dude, yet, but, I have my goals and I am reaching for them.

Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Slight back story on me is that I have always been active throughout life. Started working out in high school and I was able to reach quite high limits in short amount of time. 2 accomplishments to name were being able to squat a 1 rep max of 400lbs and power clean roughly 250lbs. Not bad for my age and duration.

My diet is currently unorthodox and I will not indulge too much details at this time. I basically want the results to speak for them self. If it is a failure then we will examine it.

Name: Charles
Age: 25
Weight: 160lbs, havn't stepped on scale within 2 weeks of my -Quest-
Height: 5'10"

I will have to record maxes and such with my future sessions.

[photo]33921[/photo] [photo]33922[/photo]


What are your goals?


I am trying to gain as much strength as possible compared to the size of muscles. Going for my max each session then working down till failure. Not too much focused on isolating single muscles versus whole muscles groups and multiple muscles per exercise.