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The Quest of the Abs


hey yall, im a 23 yr old soldier currently overseas. i have tried to put together a good core workout to shred up my abs but i was wondering if any of yall had some good workouts that have been successful for you. any suggestions would be outstanding! i have a beautiful wifey at home who deserves the best and my goal is to be in the best physical shape i can be for her. advice? workouts? anything that will help me achieve the ultimate physique would be rad!!


It's 90% diet. You can workout til dooms day, but its going to be getting your body fat down into very low double/single digits. Good luck and hope this helps.


What food and exercise equipment do you have access to where you are?

There are a ton of good diet and exercise programs here, have a look and see which one suits you the best, good luck...


they have a good variety of foods i usually keep my meals to 400 cals ea. the gym has some good hammer strength machines and a great selection of free weights. i will def keep lookin this is one of the best sites i've seen.


How much longer are you over there for? A good diet plan will get you to 10%bf in just a few months, even if you're upwards of 18-20% to start with. Start your diet 3-4 months out from your Estimated Time of GTFO. Until then, eat more and try to put on as much muscle as possible.