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The quest for an ABsolutely ripped midsection

Heya Manimals. I just got back from a date with my girlfriend, entailing that I have little, if any, blood or oxygen in my brain. Yat, as the faithful forumite and Token, TOKEN Primate Representative up in hea’ I feel it is my obligation to post. Currently, I do abs about 3-4 times a week using 2-3 exercises at the beginning of my workout. While I have a decent sixer (very nice on some days)I would like to change things up a bit so I don’t have to split my workouts three ways abs/shoulders/legs, abs/back/bi’s, ect. Would it make sense to work abs on my off days? Doing abs really doesen’t fatigue any muscle groups which would prohibit my training with intensity the following day, plus I would be able to do more sets for the splits. What do you guys with shredded, cheese-grater abs do?

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Yeah this is exactly what I do. I’ve always been the type who likes to be in the gym 6 or 7 days a week…Now I work there so I have no choice in the matter :). On my off days from major bodypart training I just do abs, calves, forearms and maybe some rotator cuff training. It doesn’t take long at all and these bodyparts have all improved immensely. Besides that I actually think it helps my recovery a little bit just to get a little bit of blood flowing without any real strain on the neural system.