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The quest for 3x BW deadlift


I've pulled 3x bodyweight a few times in the 132 class, my best to date being 407 at 126.5lbs bodyweight at USAPL raw nats. Now I'm moving up to 148 and questing to hit 3x again soon. Who else out there is working towards this milestone? lets hear how things are going


I pulled 230kg at 83kg last month but that wasn't a max effort. But it wan't too far off either! :slight_smile:
So that's 2.77 x BW.
I reckon my max is 245kg at the moment which would give me a 2.95 x BW deadlift. So I think I'll pull greater than 3 x BW by the end of the year. No hurry though. Neither the weights or myself are going anywhere and the 3 x BW thing isn't an end goal either.


Seeking 4x myself in the 181's.


Show off.

Nice though.


Impressive, good luck on that.

What are some of the assistance lifts you normally do to increase your dead?


My dawg liquid repping the ex rowers


Came close at the last meet with 2.91xBW (BW 172, deadlift 501). Been working on bringing up abs and low back and speed off the floor since.


Hey Mercury...are you August based with the rest of the sculling baddasses ??? Rowers dont get the lifting credit that is due them.


Nope not in Augusta, I'm in Atlanta on the hooch - coaching high school rowers and even making an appearance in a boat every now and then myself. For now my focus is powerlifting and power development in general, I intend on making a run at the 2016 olympics though. As a side note the OTC in Augusta was shut down so unfortunately I'll have to make it up to Princeton or out to Seattle at some point.

@FFMatt - I rarely deadlift and generally only squat and good morning. If I deadlift it's usually just some speed pulls to keep my form. I've always had a decent deadlift but one of the things that took me to above 3x deadlift and more has been the addition of a bodybuilding style back day with lots of rows and upper back work and trap work as well as the addition of heavy ab work 3-4 days a week.

Other than that my max effort work is a lot of squatting and good morning variations. If I'm doing a squat variation as my max effort work then I'm doing a good morning variation for assistance. Really working on getting a 3.5X BW squat. Deadlift has been going up but I haven't been doing anything that is specifically geared for it.


I'm right there. I pulled 565 sumo not too long ago, but I was closer to 190 than 181. I'm pretty sure I made it over 3x bodyweight mark, but now I just want 600.


I've done 780 something at 229, 804 at 267, and 810 at 253. Trying to get my groove back after a torn hamstring though. Next goal is 900 at 300.


Just beastly. Best of luck with the rehab, I'm in the later stages of rehabbing a herniated disc myself, it sucks to be injured.


Rep calculator puts me at 470. I am and was 185 so 2.54 It'll probably be almost a year to just over a year barring injury and life crisis if I don't have to gain weight to get the DL higher.


Rep calculator =/= max. Just saying. Go lift that 470 man!


I got almost 100 pounds to do until I have a 3xBW pull (BW~200). Hoping to get 550 in April. Our 148lb guy pulled 551 at our last meet.


Liquid, what exercises do you do for heavy abs? I need some ideas for myself!


That makes 2 of us. I've already hit 451 at 144 my last meet in August.


hey mate. I know im not liquid
but stormsthebeachs blog

there is link has some great ideas for building great core strength.


As was said above by Jacob - check out STB's log. I do a modified version of his front squat holds where I sit on a bench, angle my hips slightly behind me and chest a bit forward doing front squat holds for 10-15 seconds as heavy as I can.

I also do a lot of cable pulldowns (heavy), and weighted hanging leg raises. For QL strength which has been an issue for me.


What Lm said. But at least your getting a great base of strength. I was max heavy / rep poor until my recent training stints with Josh . Keep on pushing .