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The Quest for 15% BF


These are my current statistics:
08/10/09 Stats:
Bodyweight: 252
BF%: 19.3%
Total Fat: 48.6
LBM= 203.4

My goal is to get my BF% down to 15% in five weeks. I plan to accomplish this by following the anabolic diet. I have already been on the diet for one week. The transition to no carbs hasn't been too dramatic and I plan to stay motivated to get this done. I will have to lose 12 lbs of body fat to reach my goal. I realize this is a hard goal to come by, but I would rather set the bar too high rather than not high enough.


Flat Bench: 225 x6, 275 x3, 275 x3, 285 x3, 315 Failure
Dumbell Bench: 85's 2x8, 90's 1x8
Dumbell Fly: 30's 3x8
Overhead Tricep Ext: 75 1x8, 80 2x8
Tricep Pulldown: 92.5kg 3x8
Preacher Curl: 90 3x8
cable curl: 82.5kg 3x8
reverse cable curl: 52.5kg 3x8
hammer curl: 45's 3x8


Carb intake yesterday: 18g

Training Day- Legs


Squat 5x5: 225,225,295,315,335 (last two reps were brutal)
Step Ups: 80's 3x8
Lunges: 80's 3x8
Calf Raises: 225 3x8
Leg Curl: 3x8: 160,165,165

I'm a week and a half into the transition phase of the diet and I am feeling great. I already feel unreal in the weight room and am having a lot of energy. I am probably going to start lowering my caloric intake after this week to get things going towards my goal. I will most likely stay in the diet phase for about 8 weeks and then I will transition into the bulk cycle.


Nice job. Good luck. Do you have any current pics as a starting point?


Training day: Back/Shoulders

Hang Clean/Push Press 4x5: 135,155,165,185
Deadlift 4x5: 225,315,365,385
Upright Row 3x8: 115, 115, 115
Seated Dumbell Military Press 3x6: 70's
Lateral Raise 2x8: 25's
Front Raise 2x8: 25's
Pull up (Front Grip) bodyweight: 4,3,2,1

It wwas a pretty good workout today. I haven't maxed out on deadlift in a very long time so I have no idea where I am actually at, but the last rep was definitely hard. Since I have been in the transition I haven't been monitoring my actual caloric intake, but I plan on starting to do that on Monday, so i can make sure that I am making the right amount of progress. I don't know what my weight is currently at, but I know for sure that I am improving just by how I am feeling and my appearance in the mirror.


Current Weight: 247

Training Day: Chest/Arms

Flat Bench: 225 x6, 275 x3, 285 x3, 295 x1 (failure on 2nd rep)
Dumbell Bench: 85's 3x8
Dumbell Fly: 30's 3x8
Overhead Tricep Ext: 80 3x8
Tricep Pulldown: 92.5kg 3x8 (failure on last rep/last set)
Preacher Curl: 90 3x8
cable curl: 82.5kg 2x8
reverse cable curl: 52.5kg 2x8
hammer curl: 45's 2x8

I am starting to write down everything I am taking in so I will post that later in the day. As far as losing 5 lbs in one week, I am mixed on how I feel. If it were my first week on this diet I would assume it were water weight, but I'm going into my third week so I know it isn't that. I've never monitored my weight fluctuations with my body fat percentage so I'm not going to assume anything, and just keep it going. Perhaps I did lose a pound or two of muscle, but with how much fat I have, I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of it were fat. I will see in three/four weeks.

As for my workout today, everything was feeling heavier than normal. I just wasn't feeling it today. I've been having some extremely good workouts the past couple weeks so I was expecting a shitty one or two to be coming up.


Food Log for yesterday: (I put my macros in a P:F:C sequence)

Strawberry Metabolic Drive (40:4:6) 200 Calories
3 Eggs W/ 1/4 cup cheese (24:22:1) 300 Calories

Post Workout:
Strawberry/banana Metabolic Drive(40:4:6) 200 Calories

1 oz Cheese (7:8:0) 100 Calories
4 oz Smoked Tuna (35:6.5:1) 200 Calories

Chocolate EAS Shake (17:3:4) 110 Calories

1/2 lb CheeseBurger (62:54:1 750 Calories
2 oz Cheese (14:16:0) 200 Calories

Pre Bedtime:
Chocolate EAS (17:3:4) 110 Calories

(256:120.5:23) 2170 Calories