The Quadruple Bypass Burger

There’s a restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, called the Heart Attack Grill…

…that makes something called the Quadruple Bypass Burger:

It is estimated at 8000 calories.
Talk about a bulking diet, eh?

I’d eat it. Plus, how couldn’t you love a place with shirts like this:

It’s so tall. How are you supposed to even eat it?

i would love this place. Big burgers + Beer + smokes + hot babes + comics = heaven

Apparently the burger comes with Flatliner Fries:

“Deep Fried in Pure Lard!!!” according to the site.

id like to eat that as one of my cheat meals, but itd probably be more like 8 cheat meals in one sitting…still worth it

I would love to stop there for my post-workout meal.

[quote]florin wrote:
Apparently the burger comes with Flatliner Fries:

“Deep Fried in Pure Lard!!!” according to the site.[/quote]

gotta go the flatliner fries!

Take the onions off and I am so definitely in for that…

We should get a group together and do it.

Hot chicks dressed like nurses on the site? Sure, the nurse thing goes with their gimmick of how their food is a flagrant violation of the most obvious rules of good health, but come ON! Women half is good looking as that wouldn’t touch that burger with a ten foot clown pole without a barf bag and a bottle of Farenheight on hand…

I don’t know, it doesn’t look that great.

My ultimate burger has three 3/4 lb angus patties marinated with oyster sauce. Between the bottom and middle patties is 1/4" of melted cheddar, and fistful of bacon. Between the middle and top patties are seasoned curly fries and Utz red hot potato chips. Right under the bun are diced jalapeno peppers. I made this for myself, and it was fucking amazing.

I live in the Valley of the Sun and have eaten there. I went with a friend, I got a single and barely finished it, he got a double and ate close to half. It was actually a pretty good burger, the fries sucked and the “nurses” weren’t 10’s, solid 8’s though, one was super chatty, one was super bitchy and one didn’t say a damn word. Over all it was fun, and I’d do it again, minus the fries.

At the restaurant/bar I worked at, we had a burger sort of like that.

It’s 3 lbs of hamburger meat, 1/2 lbs of bacon, 9 pieces of cheese, toppings and 1 pound of fries. Put a plate on the scale, set it to 0, and then put everything on. Comes out to 5 1/2 lbs of food. If you eat it all within the hour you get a Tshirt.

I tried it after I started the Skinny Bastard Diet, as I had stretched my stomach out quite a bit. STILL couldn’t do it. I only had about 2 bites of the burger left, but almost all of my fries. Still ate over 4 lbs of food though, and fuckin eh…I thought I’d never eat a burger again in my life. I felt SO sick. Like I actually felt drunk. I know water intoxication is possible, but I’d never heard of meat intoxication. I am indeed a believer now.

That place does look tits though. Hot waitresses in dirty nurse outfits, lots of red meat, beer, and two nights caught my eye…Alpha Male Monday AND Sponge Bath Saturdays!!! Michigan so needs one of these…Now. In fact, if we could replace all of the Arby’s or something in the country with these, I would probably never eat at home again.


That’s nothing

50lb Burger:

What 5 people could eat a 50lb burger!

Not only what 5 people could eat it, but how much free time do you have to have to go in and order one?! The 3 lbs patty I was referring to earlier was a son of a bitch for our cooks. Thing took like 35 minutes on the grill to actually to med well.

You could go in for a noon shift, be out at 8 and that thing might be ready by the time you left, hehehe. WOW.

You could eat fatty meat all day and never have diet related heart problems given that your diet is low in high glycemic junk carbs and trans fats.

Im down with this burger :wink:

Mulligans a bar in decatur georgia, to my knowledge has the most unhealthy menu. these are two gems that made new round here.