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The PWO Shake


I'm surprised there is not loads of info about the PWO shake on this site.
Some people say to have you shake immedietly after your workout and some say wait 30-40 mins.
As I am on a budget I am just using plain old WPI. What type of carbs are most effective?
I have been using 3/4 banana,1 cup powdered oatmeal,2T cocoa powder,1 tsp glutamine and 300ml skim milk. Am I getting enough carbs? Am I getting the right carbs?

Quite often I do 30mins cardio after lifting so when should I get my shake to maximise growth.
The more I read the more contradictions I come across.




That should answer your questions.


Sorry that last link was to the forum.



I have been using WPI with 50g matodextrin as refered to in "Solving the post workout puzzle" but reading info posted in forums people have all sorts of differant ideas of what PWO shakes work best.I have been adding 3/4 of a banana and 2 Tbs of cocoa to my shake and although I love the taste I'm thinking that I should avoid fructose.
As Maltodextrin is a low gi carb. Should I choose a fast acting carb- glucose ,sucrose or fructose instead?
I enjoy my milk pwo as I only eat clean and this is a real treat for me and I want to avoid drinks like gatorade.

I would love to get an idea of what you guys take PWO and why.


2 scoops unflavoured whey
10g BCAA
5g CEE
1.5g Beta analine

unflavoured as it means my shake is under 4g Carbs, while still getting 50g Protein.

Take it within 10 minutes of my last set.



Why don't you consume carbs PWO? You won't get that much needed insulin spike to promote growth.


He may get a plentiful amount of carbs the rest of the day. Long as he gets a few grams in it will be more than sufficient. Your body releases insulin when ingesting protein as well. I'm not sure it's neccessary to spike it off the charts...your body will only take what it needs/can hold....spiking it even more isn't going to take more. How much exactly, I'm sure it completely individual, some may need more/less. I think listenin to your body an how you feel and whetehr or not you are making progress are good things to look at.

I train at home so I have been opting for real food lately. I have a large meal about an hour before I begin to train, and then depending how I feel I will 'graze' throughout my sets, or just eat when i'm finished. Usually some variation of chicken. sometimes a large egg salad. Then I usually throw in a handful of whatever fruit I have laying around.


Actually, most maltodextrin is high GI, very high GI to be exact.


Oh, I forgot to answer the OP's question.

I use 2 scoops of Surge Recovery after my heavy workouts.

For cardio and active recovery workouts I just wait until my next meal.


I generally have 50g of fast acting carbs, 5g creatine, and 40g of whey protein, I'll double the carbs for leg days.


Wrong, you get an insulin spike from the BCAAs and protein. You won't refill glycogen without the PWO carbs, which is what you really need to do first. The protein aids in protein synthesis for up to 48 hours PWO.