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The PWO Diet

I have been experimenting with multiple pwo drinks on training days, and have found some success. I figured for those sick of the LCD fast type plans they could give this a shot.

The reason I did this is because I have motility problems and comprimised digestion so getting multiple meals in without problems is well a problem.

Basically you start your day with half a Pwo shake, (like Surge). wait a bit and train, and drink the other half during training.

You get home, and Use a slower digesting protein,plus add with a maltodextrin blend like Metabolic Drive, and Ultra fuel. I make a 40 gram serving plus 75 grams ultra fuel. Drink Half, shower wait another hour and drink the other half. Bam in another thirty minutes your hungry and ready for food.

So this time I switch to cottage cheese, yogurt and a yam.

The remaining meals, I have steak, or fish, usually as much protein in these meals as I want plus, veggies,fats, and fiber., making sure to get around 35 g of fat with each of the remaining meals. sometimes 2 sometimes 3.

Some days I have been only able to eat like 4 total meals, and have still maintained and even increased strength on all my gym sessions.

FYI i am not a person that tolerates carbs well, but this type of eating has actually leaned me out a bit.

on off days I still start my day with a PWO shake split up also. just thought some might want to try something different.

If it works, keep doing it!

I find I like 2 PWO shakes also, mostly because I’m lazy and don’t want to make a meal for a little bit after I work out.