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The PWI Required Reading List


Just saw that one … I’ll most likely get them for when little guy is a bit older

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lol … maybe?

I wouldn’t peg Jocko a communist though … he touts mostly personal responsibility and self discipline … hardly virtues of your stereotypical communist haha

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I agree with @polo77j. I’ve read EO 3 times and DoL twice. We had our whole company read both and discuss. I’d suggest reading DoL immediately following. It’s a nice follow-up giving examples of how to take responsibility for people who aren’t taking responsibility. Lol!


I liken it to EO part 2: Electric Boogaloo


Taleb is always an interesting read. The fact that he angers people to apoplexy is also enjoyable.

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I know, I know. It’s gonna be a shit show. But this is the ‘reading’ part of the sub-forum, I can’t bawk at posting something to read.


Doesn’t bother me. I’ve always been in the camp that IQ is a weak measure of cognitive ability and almost certainly productivity.

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I don’t always like the terms book smarts and street smarts but we all know people who aren’t overly intelligent and crushing life or some guy who you know is smart but isn’t doing anything.

I think the IQ matters a lot though. I got a 55 so I know I’m better than average…


For w/e reason his twitter feed is in my news feed on my phone (I do not have twitter) … I think he’s hilarious … plus apparently loves the deadlift


I think the valid criticism is it’s a flawed test across “groups” and largely misunderstood and misreported for political reasons to the largely statistically illiterate masses.

Plus, as you said, it means fuck all above an IQ of say, 90 or 100, in terms of productivity and “success” in terms of dollars earned. To @H_factor 's point:

Success, as I think it should be, largely boils down to what a person does and how they add value to people lives, or a process that improves peoples’ lives. IQ doesn’t measure that - it measure, for the most part, how well an individual can recognize patterns…not whether or not they’re going to go out and do some shit that someone else considers valuable

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I wasn’t arguing to the contrary more the point about productivity he made which I read as “success.”

But 55 on my IQ test so you better hope yourr more smartest than half the people if you come at Mez.

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Taleb was owned on Twitter regarding IQ. It went on for quite some time.


If you’ve got that handy could you post it?


That’s like Mensa level for Kansas, no?


We voted for Brownback twice. Yeah I’d say so.


Has anyone gone through Robert Greene’s take on the Art of War?


Have not read that particular book by Greene … I’ve read 48 Laws of Power and The Laws of Human Nature.

I dug Power, Human Nature was ok, but he threw in there some SJW-lite type of shit in there - felt very forced when he did…I’d still recommend it though


Cool. Someone gave me a copy and I was just curious.