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The PWI Required Reading List


You ought to read the book to further understand the system in which you reside in. You will never look at the world with the same lens, comrade.


Recommend for Oren Hatch’s ‘The once and future worker.’

Not sure if I agree with the chap, but it is a compelling case.




I’ve read the book, moron.


Apparently not. But maybe your brainwashing is so thorough you can reject the evidence and truth. Come to think of it, your brainwashing is pretty complete. So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.


So… now you are going to ruin this thread?


Agree with this … this thread isn’t the place … I’ll have to appeal to USMC to put the noose around this particular squabble … I don’t have faith in Zep to end it in any thread




My wife just bought me the latest tour de force from Tim Marshall. Very well worth the read, it explains in very clear terms the geopolitics behind recent political events including many topics we have discussed here on PWI.

I also highly recommend his previous works, notably:


Rereading this biographical gem given the events of recent days. George H.W. Bush was a paragon of humility and public service. Today, he was put to rest at his presidential library in College Station. Students at Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service will help pick up this great man’s mantle. The contrast between 41 and the current occupant of the White House couldn’t be more stark.


I thoroughly enjoyed “41” by GWB. It was obviously written with rose colored glasses on and it’s light on policy, but it was well written and clearly from the heart.



I’ve had a couple folks I really respect recommend this work in the past. Definitely will be reading this soon, especially after being moved by the sincere, simple elegance that underpinned 43’s eulogy.