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The PWI Required Reading List


2x is too fast for me, I seem to spend too much time trying to listen and can’t relax. 1.5x is my standard.


Just did 1.5x this morning on the way to work. I didn’t notice any real difference between that and the 1.25x. I’ll now be able to get through a book .25x faster than I was previously.

Speaking of which, and this is a general question not directed at you Drew1411 but feel free to answer: I have a goal of reading (finishing really, I start a lot of books throughout a year than I finish which is a problem I’m trying to fix) 20 books between now and the end of the year. So about 1 every 2 weeks. Would y’all count audiobooks?


Absolutely if you are consuming the information.

The only situation I would say it doesn’t count is when you are listening and not paying attention, but I would say that’s not really listening. If you are doing yard work you can listen and pay attention. Having it on as background noise as you read or focus on other things doesn’t count, but I would say the same could be said for skim reading. You can “read” something and not absorb the information because you are trying to get through it as quickly as possible.


It took me two years of listening before I attempted. But, I drive the same flat boring interstate. Just kind of zone out and cruise.


The reader makes or breaks it for me. I don’t care how good the book is if the read sucks the books sicks.


They all sound like chipmunks at 2x speed. Lmao!


Lol, I’ve never tried a speed up an audiobook, but I did get through online lectures using 1.75x & 2x speed (preferred 1.75x for note taking) and can appreciate that!


Pretty much same except for maybe Providence, RI - it can get dicey in there for a few minutes on occasion but usually a pretty smooth ride

Pretty much my approach to any online course … such a time saver


That’s something I could never do. Podcasts and the Such are not rhythmic, so it’s didficult for me to follow at faster speeds.


It was a little weird at first, but you get used to it.


That’s the motto on my family crest


@dchris, I hope JP isn’t reading his own book. I’m picturing his Kermit voice at 2x speed. Lol.

@ Audiobooks - I don’t have a long commute anymore so I don’t spend much time in the car. .

It was like Christmas when I realized I could listen to a podcast or youtube lecture at 1.5 speed.

@ Retention? I take notes if it’s something I want to better understand or remember. I like my kindle for fiction on the treadmill, and I reach for it when I’m in bed, so I can keep the lights out. It’s easier than hassling with a book light.

BUT - If it’s something that is more intellectually challenging, then it has to be on paper for me. I always read with a pencil, and I like having small post-its to mark things. If I own the book, and it’s good, there will be lots of pencil. I like to use a folded piece of printer paper as a bookmark, so I can note page numbers or quotes. I sometimes use a composition book.

I started attending a book group again. Mostly fiction, but I buy paper copies of books for that. Finding things in a Kindle is clumsy for me, even if use the highlight and note features.


LMAO! Yes, he is. That was my exact thought. I didn’t know anything about him, which is unusual for me before I jump into a new book/author. I finished the book thinking, next time I’ll read NOT listen and that it was more religious than I anticipated.


Here you go. Haha.


Same. I have a few books completely marked up. Although I’ve taken notes in kindle and I go back and reference them - they have a pretty good tool for that. I only have a digital version of Wealth of Nations that’s noted up. That’s a great read


Throwing this out there for everyone.


Man, I’d like to know what book/series that got bumped in favor of Twilight


Lol, I didn’t see Twilight…


It’s a good list - I was really surprised Twilight and Hunger Games was on it tbh - it’s got Doestoyevsky and Ayn Rand, then Twilight and Hunger Games lol …


I’m guessing they picked a few from different genres.