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The PWI Required Reading List

Jacko’s the man. I have got to pick that up. I just started Dracul (Dacre Stoker), I’m hoping it’s as good as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but I know that’s asking a lot.

As hard as I try, I just can’t get into fiction.

I read biographies if I want a story. My favorites are still Buyside, Straight to Hell and Riches Among Ruins.

Fiction? Bram Stoker’s Dracula is real!

I have this queued up next after i finish listening to JBP 12 Rules
I gotta say a great sequence of reads/listens is Extreme Ownership followed by 12 Rules…
I’m looking forward to DoL … I’ve been loving Jocko lately man

I’d say this is his best book - I’ve also read 33 Laws of War and his Seduction one … and 48 Laws is better imo

I’m the same way … I find most fiction to be kinda terrible. Although I’m reading Doestoyevsky’s “The Double” right now … fucking great. Just an amazing writer he is … make sure to get a good translation though if you decide to pick up Doestoyevsky otherwise the literal translation take away from what he was trying to convey…

Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior

Picked up The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene on Audible today…got through the introduction on my way to work … really looking forward to working my way through this … might pick up a hard copy depending on how I feel about it…I really liked his 48 Laws, wasn’t a fan of 33 Laws of War though…

Manufacturing Consent by Noam Champsky and Edward S. Herman.

It breaks down and gives examples of the corporate media’s bias for the status quo/ruling class. The mass media uses propaganda to keep the public from knowing the information they need to know to make informed decisions. Examples of side-by-side media stories given by different news outlets from other countries and the U.S. Whole sections of the stories were not talked about in the American press to guide people to make choices that are diametrically opposed to their own self-interest and to the benefit of the established class.

It will change the way you view the world!

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Well shit … Zep made a good post … thanks for the rec dude … in all honesty this is something I tend to agree with Chomsky over and appreciate his insight into … also, good write up and summation of the book


The book highlights the propaganda model and will make you think more clearly about politics, advertising and money. It may change your view on politics. It did mine.

I’m fairly familiar with the concept and connections but, like I said, appreciate Chomskey’s insight into the matter - I’ll have to throw it on my to read list, which is like a mile long at this point…

A little while ago I read something about the different biases propagated by the various mainstream outlets - and I started hearing it and noticing it … it’s one of those things where once you see it/hear it you can’t undo it …

You might like:
Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few By Robert Reich

I think he’s like 98.9% wrong, but who knows…

You will not view politics and media the same again. This book is fundamental and ought to be required reading.

Of course. You’re a victim of propaganda.

Cool story, Comrade

You ought to read the book to further understand the system in which you reside in. You will never look at the world with the same lens, comrade.

Recommend for Oren Hatch’s ‘The once and future worker.’

Not sure if I agree with the chap, but it is a compelling case.



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I’ve read the book, moron.

Apparently not. But maybe your brainwashing is so thorough you can reject the evidence and truth. Come to think of it, your brainwashing is pretty complete. So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

So… now you are going to ruin this thread?

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