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The PW Formula is Here!!

Anybody notice that Surge (Biotest’s post-workout formula) is available for sale. Thanks Biotest. Not only did you finally meet one of your estimated new product release dates, but you actually beat it. I can’t wait to give it a try.

No shit! I am really excited too. No more mixing ingredients up myself and gulping down the disgusting tasting concoction.

damn straight! can’t wait to try it. me need herbal euphoria next!

Actually, it’s not out yet. Tim said in the BTS that it will be out in about 3 weeks. It is listed so you can pre-order it.

By the way, here’s a little trick that I’m still experimenting with but seems to be working well. Try using diet pop to mix your post-workout concoction. I made my first mistake by getting my blend, from the Protein Factory, fruit punch flavored. When I smelled this stuff it smelled like maneur. Literally! My dad didn’t even know I had the stuff and walked into the house and said it smelled like a farm in here. Oh, and the taste by itself was about 10 times worse than the smell. I maybe drink a fourth of the stuff and said screw it. I can handle a 50/50 blend of CFM Whey Isolate/Hydrolyzed Whey 520, but this formula is in a league of its own!

Anyway, I have had excellent luck mixing it with diet A&W root beer. Sounds weird, but damn it is very drinkable. Not a treat by any means, but I can even drink it quickly and it doesn’t make me want to heave. If you guys are going to keep using your own forumulas, try some other diet sodas and tell me what you think.

Even though it is bearable now, I still ordered 3 containers of Surge (Biotest Surge that is). I want to “feel” the effects that the proper ratios are suppose to be able to exert.

Tim said in the BTS that Surge is every bit as potent as the one he took. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is the exact same formulation does it? I know you said it could be dangerous because of the high insulin spike it causes. I’m assuming that you can get almost the same results with a slightly lower spike. Did you change anything at all in the final production version from the best of the pre-production versions?

Oh yeah, I noticed. I bought four bottles (plus two free!). So I’m looking forward to it showing up on my door step soon. Feel the Surge baby!!!

Yeah, I caught that as well. I know Tim said that it would about 3 weeks, so I guess we should see it in about 4-5wks. I still haven’t received my T-MAG!

Does anyone know what is the flavor of this thing? Anyone know the caloric value in each scoop or serving or whatever? There are no nutritional values posted anywhere. I hope someone from the T-Mag staff can answer this for us.

Anyway, I am looking forward to trying this and hope that it’s as good as Tim says it is…