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The Push to 2020 Has Begun!

The following is a quote from a reporter at Trump’s 2020 Campaign Kick-Off Rally:

"The tenor of Trump’s remarks wasn’t a huge surprise to observers. His strategy for re-election, say allies, isn’t based on persuading a significant share of the majority of Americans who disapprove of his job performance to vote for him… "

"Rather, he’s trying to super-charge his fans with enough energy that they show up in force for him and spread the word to their friends and neighbors".

Some points:

  1. I don’t think Trump is “trying”…he has his Base locked, loaded and ready to go.

  2. If the DEMS don’t rid themselves of this mantra; (rather real or imagined…as I have said; there are plenty of Conservatives and people I am sure who were at that rally who benefit greatly from sucking at the tit of the Government…)…if they don’t rid themselves of the mantra of “Socialism”…they are dead in the water in the swing states that are crucial…

  3. I will put myself on record now…Biden is the DEM nominee…Trump and the Conservative machine unleash hell when it is official that it is between Biden and Trump.

Trump wins 4 more years.


The floor is now open.


And maybe, maybe, Americans will have had enough of that. You know, been there, done that.

This isn’t an option. It started as a GOP designated label that was repeated into truthdom.

Fwiw, it sure didn’t stop the blue wave. Obviously it won’t ruin the Dems this time either.

Agreed. I think what’ll be important is how much infighting we get from the debates etc. If they can play nice(ish), it should be a good fun stomp.

My humble opinion only: no way the establishment of both parties let Trump stay. He pulled off an upset and prevented the coronation of an unpopular Dem. They didn’t see it coming in their hubris.

They’re ready for him now. I’m not so sure it’s Biden this time, but it doesn’t matter who has the D by their name they will stack the deck hard any way possible.

The Koch brothers are giving to DNC candidates at this point to make sure the globalist paradigm returns. Just let that sink in, the evil Kochs helping the socialists. Strange times.

A few states have already passed laws to pledge their delegates to the winner of the national popular vote (Nevada is one I remember for sure). Welcome to rule solely by coastal elites. Maybe we can stop starting every damn campaign in Iowa.

Social media companies are demonetizing, deplatforming and shadow banning any opinions to the right of Bernie.

I see literally no path to 4 more years by Trump unless there’s magic sleeper support from women/minorities that doesn’t show in the polls.

We have over 4,000 avowed marxists professors in our universities teaching this stuff. Migrants from broken third world nations vote for socialists as well. That label doesn’t scare people as much as it should. Warren and Bernie are fighting over who can go further left.

I firmly believe Biden would have beaten Trump if he ran in 2016. Trump has a strong economy, but it seems to be slowing. If the economy slows, I don’t see a path to re-election.

This is an interesting development. From what I understand, so far only blue states have adopted, so maybe not much impact.

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This. So far the only possible impact of the states on board is no damage to the Republicans. Every state that has done so is a locked down Dem state.

And 6 in 10 Americans don’t know what socialism is…but embrace it regardless.


Ironically, they could not be reached for follow up when asked how they think their electric & gas bill works.

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I can’t WAIT to watch the debates. Let the fun begin!

Completely agree, and I believe that any of the other Republicans running in the 2016 primary would have defeated Hillary by a landslide. The two most odious candidates in the history of American presidential elections. Crazy crazy.


A NYT article several years ago I thought. Can’t find it now.

Here’s a survey of 1600 professors stating 17.6% of social science professors and 5% of humanities professors. There are 157k humanities professors in the US. So just that would work out to >7k if the 5% was a representative sample.

What was way more surprising was 1.9% of business professors were marxists. I’d actually like to meet a few of them and talk, just to hear how that works.

I found an American Enterprise Institute article. But it didn’t link the data.


Damn, @Basement_Gainz

All that you posted sounded like the Hillary apologist on steroids…

So…Trump loses because everything and everyone (including the Koch Brothers) are stacked against him…and has nothing to do with Trump himself???

I’m not buying it, ( …in MY humble opinion…)

AIE is a biased org.

Who said it had nothing to do with Trump? Everyone wants him gone because of who he is and how he behaves. I’m sorry, I thought we were talking about his actual chances of winning or losing.

Sun tsu art of war, know your enemy. I think his enemies are stronger than him at this point.

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(drive by post, politics these days makes me ill)

Mufasa, my recollection is you say your predictions are always wrong…well, I certainly hope that you are right about being wrong!!!

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Ok bro. So those 1600 professors didn’t answer? The article I linked was referencing a Harvard survey (there’s a hyperlink).

I knew you’d pull that card. That’s why I didn’t link the American Enterprise Institute.

Good try though.

Again…while I am on record saying that Trump will win…should be lose, I am sure he will blame everything and everyone from CNN to Hillary…and from Mueller to John McCain…

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Absolutely. There’s no room in that skull for humility or self reflection.


You are correct. @punnyguy!

Here is my reasoning with Trump, and why I think he wins.

Let’s discount the extremes of both parties and the Trumpkins…they are locked in and not even hot needles under their fingernails will change how they will Vote.

That leaves that narrow number of deciding votes in a few swing states.

It is this group that I think has many more “closet” Trump voters than can be accounted for by Polls. These are the ones who would never be caught DEAD wearing that damn irritating red “MAGA” hat…but in their hearts support all that Trump is about. Also…some will Vote for Trump just to keep shit stirred up. Trump’s “Presidency” has been a lot of things…boring is not one of them.

So…those are Politics 101 according to Mufasa!