The Pursuit of Mythical Gains

In NY for my son’s birthday after a three day stop in Oregon to see my parents.

Got on the scale at my parent’s house, down to 190 after riding the bike in Cali, looking lean and I like it.

Did not gym in Cali as the bike was de-motivating me and just getting to town for essentials was enough, not to mention I was wishy washy on paying by the month for a globo gym or paying way too much for a real gym ($105), so was happy to get to a PF yesterday.

Taking my son up to New Haven today for a college tour, back to LI tonight. Family party for his birthday tomorrow, which should be awkward since I am separated from the wife. I’ll make a token appearance and disappear.

Hard to stick to any type of “healthy” diet having limited/no access to a kitchen, so I figure I will go hard in the gym over the next couple of days and do the best I can to avoid shitty carbs.

Good times!