The Pursuit of Mythical Gains

Weighed in at 205.4 and 20% BF yesterday so I’m going the wrong direction already, lol.

Made it to the gym five times last week, a good start.


Make a good habit, bud. No time like the present.

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Well wishes for the year ahead, my friend!

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205 at 19% today - been to the gym three times this week, three times last week. Planning on going five times per week, but haven’t been motivated. Also, diet is shite.

Oh well, all good.

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Made it to the gym four times last week. Weight and BF remain the same.


Regular gym attendance, weight up to 207, BF remains the same.


Same, weight up to 209 - BF remains the same.

Starting to get a little nervous with the weight gain but figure I will keep riding it for now. Maybe cut the fat a bit and try to lower my BF, mix in some LISS.

That being said, despite the gain of weight, I am seeing some physique improvements - starting to get some rounded muscle bellies.

Whatev, will keep lifting and see what happens.


Weight is down, BF is up. I am discouraged.

Probably my fault. I have not been good about progression, have been bouncing around without much focus. Also, I traveled - went to AZ to watch some baseball, then out to NY to see my kids.

Going to do SS for a few weeks to ensure progression and add in some fasted LISS to try and jumpstart things. I have also cleaned up my diet.

Hopefully this will work and I can stay consistent with it.


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Yesterday was my third workout since restarting SS and I am a bit surprised by the mental improvement caused by knowing exactly what I am going to do in my workout. I’ve picked easy weights to start and am doing my final set as an amrap so as to keep some intensity. It feels good to squat and DL again. My biggest issue is timing it to get to the gym when the Smith machines aren’t jammed.

I am seeing some positive movement on the weight and composition front, but typical of me, I have made enough changes that I can’t figure out which is contributing to the movement.

Oh well.

Finally decided to go to a Stoicism conference in Tampa only to find the acceptable flights are no longer available. You snooze you lose.


I feel like this very exchange demonstrates you didn’t need the conference in the first place.

The obstacle becomes the way.

I was trying to decide on a few different things in April and the flight situation just made my decision for me. I needed to watch college baseball in AZ more than I needed to get stoic in Tampa.


Well, I have seen some progress and it feels decent. I weighed in at 199 yesterday, 18.5% BF. It’s not much, but it is some movement.

I’ve also added weight to the bar on SS. I outkicked my coverage a bit, started too high, but it’s all good.

I’m actually a bit excited about the diet hacks. I have been making a garbage salad that I eat - spinach, some type of legume, another vegetable, seeds, dried fruit, protein, olive oil.

I’ve been deep diving into blood glucose and learned variability is the problem, add fiber, eat protein and veg first, walk after eating, and I am feeling good.

Put in notice at my living situation. I have been in a sober living house for eight months. It’s a complete shit show - 15 addicts in a six bedroom house. Had guys show up at house meetings boxed, guys smoking fentanyl in the kitchen and passing out, and at last count, 38 housemates in the last eight months.

Going on the road for a few months just couch surfing, then moving into a 24 foot travel trailer and hitting the road seriously. Plan on doing the content thing just for shits and giggles. Will hit AZ, NV, NM in the fall.

Should be weird AF.

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