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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains

Cycle 1, Week 1

DL 100x5, 135x5, 155x10, 135x5x5
DB OHP 20x5, 25x5, 30x10, 20x5x5
Situps 25x4, TPD 20x10, 25x10, 30x10, FP’s 20x10, 25x10, 30x10, Curls 20x8x3, shrugs 20x10x3

Got my nomenclature all screwed up, my bad. Good workout, feeling shaky, lol.

Took a break, flew to NY, dropped my oldest here.

The Green

She’s off on her journey.


I guess I am pretty regular - every three months or so, lol.

I have had a few bumps, but am back in the gym as of 1/1/2022, Nothing like being one of those resolutioners.

I was 193@20%BF on 1/1. I am doing an upper lower just to get back into it, will be doing SS starting tomorrow for just a few weeks, then back to 5/3/1. Back on TRT today.

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Well, I am up to 196.5 at 19.6% BF this morning. I have been on creatine for about a week, back on TRT for three days, so I presume the weight gain is water as I am tracking calories and should be in a slight deficit. I’m not worried about it as BF% is down - was 18.8 yesterday. I, of course, realize how inaccurate the BF measurement is.

I have decided to skip SS and have slid into 531 with guesstimates of training maxes as I am more interested in concretizing the routine of getting up and going to the gym in the morning.

DL today, with leg extensions, leg curls, situps, and hanging leg raises.

1/9 - OHP, pull downs, curls, tri pd’s.
1/8 - squats with leg extensions (cut short due to a break in in my pro shop)
1/7 - BP with rows, curls, tri pd’s

That’s all I remember for now. Think I skipped the 6th, but the other days were Upper, Lower.

Currently working out at the Purple Hell, will be looking for a gym with a squat rack in the next few weeks so I can lift proper.


Good to see you again.

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It’s good to be seen. Plan on catching up on my reading in the next few days - you’re on my list.

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BP - 5’s week, AMRAP 8, 4x10@50% of training max, cable rows, tpd’s and curls, all 4x10.

Following the program, start low, progress slow, hit pr’s - so low in fact that I am embarrassed to list my weights, lol.

Found a metal head gym with barbells, very old school, worked out there today. Got a good pump, arms are shaky.

Squat tomorrow.


Woke up sore all over yesterday so I took it off.

SQ 5x3, leg press 10x4, leg extensions 10x4, leg curls 10x4.

I bought a ten punch card at the metal gym, did bench there yesterday but don’t feel like my CNS is ready to get max benefit out of training there so I went to purple hell today and used the Smith Machine. I’m thinking I might run this cycle of 531 to get my CNS back and then run a few weeks of SS at the metal gym.


OHP Warm up, 5x2, 12x1, 10x4, Incline BP 10x4, Curls 6x3, 10x4, TPD 10x4, HLR 12x3.

Been at 197.6 and 18.8 the last few days, clothes are tight, lol.



Intuitive training, lol, took yesterday off so I combined DL and BP today.

DL - 5x3, SQ 10x4,
BP - 5x2, 10x1, OHP 10x4, Rows 10x4
Tri Ext 5x3, 10x4, Curls 10x4

Good workout today, I was well rested and well fed.

Speaking of which, I continue to gain weight, hit 200.6 this morning. BF staying the same at 18.6%. I am actually just trying to maintain but have gained seven pounds in the last two weeks. Obviously this is water and glycogen, but I would be okay with losing a few and lowering my bodyfat - that is the primary goal after all (strength gains are a strong second).

Anyhoo, feeling good.