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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains

Back to the gym. Started SS NLP, modified for my old self.

SQ - 5x3@120
BP - 5x3@120
Curls 10x3@17.5, TPD and FP 10x3@25, sit ups 20x4.

Weighed 191@18.5% for the week.

Sixty days sober today.


Best PR so far. Keep it up dude. You are one of my favorite posters



SQ 5x3@120
DL 5x3@135
OHP 5x3@20 (DB)
TPD&Fp’s 10x3@20
Curls 10x3@20
Situps 20x4.

Taking it slow on the re-entry, was still sore and stiff this AM from the last workout. Lost some weight, BF coming down, seeing progress.

Survey - OHP seated on Smith machine or standing with DB’s?

No power rack.

I’m a fan of seated dumbbell presses. You can get your arms in the correct path and I feel I get more out of trying to stabilize the dB while I lift it. I hate smith oressing, you’re locked in with zero changes available. I also dislike standing dumbbell OHP because for me, the weight I can lift drastically goes down due to stability


My unscientific opinion is that this is better because I don’t have a rack either, but I do have a few dumbbells.

Probably one of those things that one of the lifts is better for one goal, and the other is better for a different goal. Standing presses are great for overall stability, which can transfer to other lifts, but the seated is probably better for loading the delts if hypertrophy in the delts is the goal.

One of the best stability exercises I have done is overhead yolk walks. They are brutal (at least at first). My gym’s unloaded yolk is 190, so you kinda gotta jump into the deep end with it.

Shortly after posting that I was thinking the same thing. Definitely depends on the persons goal.

The overhead walk sounds interesting. I do that sometimes with heavy ladders and pole pieces just because lol

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I’ve rarely felt more unstable than when I have done overhead walks.

What are your goals?

Classic T-Nation question that I overlooked. Currently working on increasing strength but am conscious of my BF, if that makes sense. Pretty sure the standing dumb bells is my choice as it promotes stability.

Thanks for all of the responses.

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SQ 5x3x125
BP 5x3x125
DL 5x3x145
PD’s, FP’s 10x3x25, Curls 10x3x20, situps 20x4

Up early, good workout. Slowly progressing.

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Just going to journal in here a bit as well, maybe get some feedback from my peeps. I work at a country club and we are having our annual member guest tournament - three days of drunkenness. I have 65 days of sobriety. Feeling a little like I am missing out on the fun. Part of it is the novelty of being sober has worn off and my brain hasn’t recovered from years of abuse, so I’m feeling a little flat emotionally. I’m also really busy so it’s hard/impossible to get to a meeting, online or otherwise. I’m not worried about picking up but am mostly dealing with new normal, which seems to be changing every day.

Otherwise, it’s another beautiful day on the golf course.

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Maybe you aren’t missing out. Now you’re the designated driver of the fun. Like Winston from John Wick. You can’t fulfill that role when you’re in the thick of it.

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