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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


Happy new year @The_Myth! I’m sorry to say that frames are generally used to avoid getting choked and I’ve yet to learn any auto asphyxiation techniques in jiu jitsu class. The ancient masters must keep that stuff hidden in the secret scrolls, next to the death touch and chi blast.

But hey, I’ve never heard anyone say that they haven’t become better at auto-asphyxiation from years of jiu jitsu, so I think there’s probably plenty of carry-over if that’s your jam!


Aww thanks! Happy new year Myth!


Literally laugh out loud. Thanks.


Feel bad. Just went all passive aggressive on the SO about money. I’ve been out for over a year, and am paying way more than a court would order me too, but hey, they’re my kids, so whatev.

They live in $500K house, she drives a brand new Grand Cherokee, they go to Disney three times a year, they have meat in their fridge.

I live in a second floor apartment, drive a seven year old Ford (anal Fusion), never travel to see my old parents, eat beans and rice.

And she hits me up for money.

This is why divorces get ugly. I love my kids, so I am not going to go there, just going to breathe it out.


A $500k Lake O house or Vernonia house? I mean, one is poverty and the other is Governor of the floodlands.


Lol, Levittrash house, 600 yards from her mom and dad (Levittown, NY).

We have over two fifty in equity but I can’t touch it - New York law allows the mother to live with the kids in the family home. So she can take my support and not pay a dime on the mortgage and ruin my credit and eat up our equity.

Luckily, she isn’t doing that, but still, I am tooled.

BTW, my parents home in NE Portland is now worth $800K, lol. When I was growing up, Sabin and Grant, that house was in the ghetto.

This too shall pass. I’ll just breathe, everything will be okay.


1995 - don’t go there, you might get shot.

2018 - my favorite Thai and Asian Fusion Restaurant is next to the little thrift shop and Salt & Straw.


Fixed it for you.

Took my kids to Salt and Straw three times in five days, and we walked home. Walked!

In 1978 when I was 15, you would have gotten beaten.

Went to the Cannabis store next to PokPok on Alberta, the store across the street was Sam and Ollies, and if you were white, you would not be caught dead within a mile of that store.


And so funny, all the houses have “Black Lives Matter” signs in their yards. So the white lesbians are concerned about black people - except for the fact they bought the homes an ran the prices up so much that what was a black neighborhood is now all California liberals and the African Americans have been totally pushed out, but, “Black Lives Matter.”

I love Portland, love Alberta, but it has become a little too hipster.

By the way, that grilled cheese place with the school bus was awesome!


California Lesbians - single handeldly put trama nurses and surgeons out of work.

Emmanuel Hospital - Built to help victims of assault. Now births more kids named River and Juniper than any other hospital.


Thanks mate happiest of new years to woo woo master


Happy New Year lol. Glad to hear mine isn’t the only one starting a little rocky. Went to gym at 3pm got home at 530pm and realized hey… my yard looks bigger… take a few looks and realize my fucking truck has been stolen :smiley:


lol I appreciate the compliments. Also, I don’t dislike you, you’re solidly in my top 50% of posters on here, not the bottom.


aaawwwwweee heart melt :smiley:


lol just saw this and got around to responding (crazy busy holiday season and some side gigs lately!).

Thank you brother. For as much as some people whine about the state of forums, I can honestly say that there is a very solid and respectable group of regulars on here these days that make for some quality interaction, support, and entertainment.



@The_Myth thank you very much my friend, I hope you had a wonderful new year!


Just want you to know that those feelings of feelings (don’t know how else to describe that lol), are something I can kind of relate to. I’m not divorced, but I belong to divorced parents. While I went with my mom, and my dad mostly gave her money, no one felt like they won anything. And it severely hurt us all. Divorce and all that. It’s awesome to see you push through. Like legit, awesome.


Thank you. I don’t feel like that though. I feel like an absent father. Although, I am picking my daughter and a friend today and taking them to get their nails done.

I just doubt my kids realize how much I love them. Guess I just have to keep telling them.


I don’t really see my dad that much either. Maybe once a month. Even though he can be a bit of an ass, and it’s been nearly a decade since they separated, I don’t doubt my Dad loves me with all his entirety. As your kids grow up, and they see you’re still actively in their lives, they’ll get the picture. And I have my Dads number, so even if I don’t see him that much, if I call, he always picks up. So I know I can always talk to him.

But I still think you’re doing great.



Made it back to the gym, finally. Did full body 5x3, weighted crunches 20x3, and twenty minutes of treadmill.

TRT - last full shot of 100mg was 12/21, took a little booster of 40mg on 1/1/2019 before doctor’s appointment on 1-3-2019, been off since then. Could be all in my head, could be other shit going on, but feeling pretty blah. I expect it to get worse before it gets better but am hoping being alcohol free, sleeping more, eating better will get me restarted. Going to see where I am at next week and might start taking Nolva.

Buried with work, end of semester, but want to go see some people so am going to knuckle down and grade for a few hours today. Might try to connect with J for dinner.If I can get all of my shit done, will go into the city tomorrow to see an old friend and her husband. Having breakfast with R, her sister, and her cousin again tomorrow.

So, got shit going on which feels both good and overwhelming, lol.


Ight, how is this for weird.

Just got off the phone with R, I work with her, she is a PE Teacher. She’s my age, maybe a year or two younger. She admitted she’s still involved with her old BF, he’s 35. I’m meeting her for breakfast tomorrow, same as the last three weeks.

Told me she isn’t banging anybody without a clean bill of health. Wants proof.


It’s a whole new world.