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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


Lol, wouldn’t go that far. Been isolating for a long time so getting out is new. If I had any game, I might be.


You’ll be grand you old dog, you.

Just be yourself. Unless, of course, you can be someone much more handsome and charismatic, in which case - be that guy instead.


Well, the majority of my undergrad credits are in Theater Arts, so you may be on to something here.


Nice date last night. J is petite and was stunning in a tight black dress and some knee high boots. I wore black jeans, black shirt, and hounds-tooth sport coat. Met at her place about 7:10, hugged it out, chatted for a bit. I played with her two cats - yeah, she is a cat lady.

She told me how great I looked two or three times - we’ve only seen each other in yoga clothes - hers accentuate her body, mine are sweats, lol.

Really nice Indian dinner, Samosa appy followed by Chicken Tikka Masala and Vegetable Korma with Basmati Rice - we both had tea.

At dinner she told me if I had brought comfortable clothes we could get comfortable for the ball drop.

I, of course, had.

She was hoarse, nursing a sore throat after traveling back from Colombia early this morning (yesterday).

She had bought desert, Cannoli and cream puffs. She made more tea and we enjoyed the desert, chatting on the couch and learning about tarot (she’s into it, taught me).

Cracked the sparkling cider (we’re both in recovery), since she was sick, kiss on the cheek at midnight, small talk for a bit, and I was out by 12:30.

There is a great deal of attraction here and since I’m old school, wondering how we didn’t end up in bed, but glad we didn’t. I just have way too much on my plate to deal with a more complicated relationship.

I’ve never moved this slowly with a romantic interest, and I kind of like it.

She likes dressing up and going out to dinner, insists on splitting the bill, and I’m in. Hope to see her again soon.

That’s my workout.


Happy New Year my mythical friend. Sounds like it’s off to a good start.


So far so good.

Greatly appreciate my forum brothers! You, @mortdk, @duketheslaya, @dt79, event though he loves Rippetoe, @Yogi1, the inveterate Scot that is also queer for Rippetoe, and is @dt79’s illicit lover from afar, @T3hPwnisher whose wit and wisdom makes me laugh out loud, @twojarslave who makes me want to learn frames so I can auto asphyxiate, @Spock81 who feels like a female me, except younger and better looking.

I can only mention ten posters, so continued.


Continued -

@Reed who called me on some shit, @flipcollar who really doesn’t like me but is me in a lot of ways, just way more jacked, way smarter, and way younger, @robstein who is just a stud, @The_Mighty_Stu who teaches in New York, like me, but is way more jacked, @BrickHead, who always speaks from the heart no matter how obnoxious it might be, and is way more jacked, @verne who teaches me lessons in his own twisted ways but isn’t way more jacked, @SkyzykS who has the patience of Job, @Hostile who seems to always disagree with me, @bulldog9899 whose continued misuse of the pronoun whom is overshadowed by his love for his son, @JMaier31 for being single minded in his pursuit of strength and justice.

Only ten, read on.


@planetcybertron who brings a special kind of joy and enthusiasm to this forum. @bigjez for being, you know, pretty fucking big, @despade for being a Montana boy, @dchris for being an Oregonian and having a better sense of humor than I, @BOTSLAYER for being the person I want to be, and @KSman who gave me my indoctrination to TNation and helped me tremendously on my journey.

Sorry for the rant, love this community where I can be a yoga freak amongst ironheads and feel comfortable.

Happy New Year bitches, it’s maths!


Happy New Year!


Great posts above, yes this community is awesome.
I’m ready for you pursuit of yoga mastery and the chasing down on a GF.




The more I study the more I realize how much more I have to learn. This class is 220 hours, figure a few more like it and I might have a clue.

Yeah, not sure that is what I am looking for, thought it was, but re-thinking things. We’ll see how it unfolds.

In the meantime, you’re getting all strong and jacked, good for you, enjoying your log.


Happy new yr !!


Thank you! Happy New Year!

I have disagreed with and differ in my outlook on some things with some or many people on here but I from what I read on here, it seems all here are good people.


Appreciate the shoutout myth. You’re one of the posters here whose approval matters a great deal to me. Whenever I see one of my dumb jokes get a heart from you, I feel like I won something, haha.


I think I am smart, then I read your responses, and I realize how stoopid I am, both in terms of lifting, life, and intelligence. I think it was “Alcoholism walks in my family” that killed me. That and the Nietzsche shit.

And the whole being strong AF thing.

One of these days we pick things up and put them down in Santa Cruz with your friend.


Hell yeah dude. I’m always trying to get back there.


End of April or the shoulder of July and August. Typically there from 7/23 to 8/10 with soft landings either side. I have room.


I’ll be moving this summer: still don’t know when…or where for that matter, haha. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll let you know.


We’ll keep talking existential shit here, make fun of each other (really you roasting me), and then if you’re close, we’ll hit it. A morning at the gym, afternoon at Twin Lakes, barbecue up in the Redwoods, all good.

Just teach me how to pronounce Camus.


Decided cold turkey off TRT was a bad idea, so injected 20 mg today, See my endo in a few days, wanted to be square with him, should rock a 650 so no worries.

Going to go back to my men’s health place and see what they can do for me after I see my Endo on 1/3. The CSR (Central Serous Retinopahy) resolved pretty much over the 14 days I was off.

CSR presents as a brown spot, or a distortion in the vision of one eye. The first time I had it it was distortion. This time, it was a murky brown spot. Last time it was in the right eye, this time in the left.

I had cancer in the left eye about five years ago. I teach English, and read like a mofo so the CSR really scares the crap out of me.

Yeah, TMI, whatevs, it’s the interwebz.