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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


Start with 10 - 12 when you get stuck go to 8-10 then 6-8 gives you a little longer to progress with, maybe even end with 4-6
But 6-8 is a nice range.



Decided I’ll add five to upper body, ten to lower, and drop to six reps working my way back up to ten, rinse repeat. Going to go with an AMRAP set to finish - forgot about this strategy.

Just got home from yoga teacher training. Ten hours yesterday, thirteen today - it’s pretty intense. This weekend was mantra, last month it was pranayama (breath).

So, if anybody needs to know how to chant or to breathe, I’m your guy.



Same, added five to upper body, skipped legs - will do them tomorrow and start an upper lower split. Did 6x4 with Amraps.

Have gained a few pounds since starting creatine and protein again.



BP, OHP, Leg Press, 7x4. 100 TPD’s and 15x4 Ab Machine - about 40 minutes.

I need to get to the gym almost every day and have been debating a split so Push/Pull won. On some days I will add in cardio to keep my BF% down.

Gained some weight and look bloated - ate like crap the last few days, including a Quarter Pounder with cheese that tasted awesome.

Think the creatine is doing it’s job as well since I weighed 184 this morning. However, don’t think that is accurate as I feel pretty bloated. Will eat well over the next few days and see where things shake out this weekend.


Here’s a funny thing with creatine: I stopped taking it maybe three weeks ago. Weight didn’t change.


I’ve found that when I quit, it’s a real slow change. But, when I start up again, I gain a lot of water pretty quickly. It’s probably different for everybody, and my diet hasn’t been great the last week, so there is that.


Challenging week in many ways. I have been doing yoga every morning but have not lifted and will have to figure out what do to do when I go back. I’m thinking stay at my weights but drop back on reps.

On the other hand, my social life has heated up a bit, which is a problem because I really just like to stay home and read - but I would like to have some companionship on a regular basis.

I’ve seen this girl M a few times. She’s much younger than I (17 years younger) and so not really a prospect. I’ve seen J several times - she’s in my toga teacher training, a few years younger than me (four years), very fit, flexible, and petite, and I like her. Having dinner with her on New Years eve. I had breakfast with R a few days ago - she’s the PE teacher where I work and that seems to make her a no go, but I go months without seeing her at work unless I hunt her down. She is fit, a hall of fame volleyball player at my school, and the best match emotionally for me.

But, they all seem pretty casual, like they are cool with being my friends. I haven’t dated in thirty years so it’s all new to me. I’m not sure if they want to be friends or want something more, and right now, I really just want friends with benefits.

I also saw this woman L from my yoga class and we had the conversation - I’m honest - and she still wants to hang out with me.

This dating thing, it’s a new world.


M, J, R, L

All good options it sounds :slight_smile:


I just figured something out.

I’ve been in love with this girl in AZ that has treated me poorly, and I finally realized it is her.

She is always looking for next. Next great dance, next great drink, next great breath, next great boyfriend.

It was never about me, it was always about the next great whatever.

I still miss her, but I can move on now.


I’m very happy to read this. Good on you man


Good to hear.

Sounds like you’ve got four possibilities. Those are decent odds.


M, J, R, L all sounds like great opportunities, I wish you good luck :slight_smile:



Ten days later, pull - rows, pull downs, leg curls, leg ext, curls, and sit ups, all 10x4.

I absolutely need to do better with getting to the gym.


I never thought I’d catch myself saying this, but what about getting a kettlebell or two and doing some of Pavel’s stuff? That would bridge some of the gym work if you couldn’t make it.


I live five minutes from my gym and it’s open 24/7 It’s really a me thing, needing to recommit and get back to it. Things are just challenging right now - not in a bad way, just challenging. I’ll get it together.


OBR Push

BP, OHP, Leg Press, TPD’s, 10x4.

Going off TRT, last shot ten days ago and noticed it was a bit of a struggle today. Been on TRT for almost four years I think, so it should be a real shit show. Wondering if @physioLojik has any advice? Or anyone else for that matter. Been on 140 a week of Test C, no AI, have Nolva from UGL.


Happy New Year everybody.

Went by the gym, jampacked, decided to pass.

Felt a need to log so I guess this will become my get skinnyfat and dating log.

I have a date tonight with J from yoga class, the one I like best. Pretty nervous @Spock81, so don’t feel bad. Dinner out at eight, then back to her place for desert and to watch the ball drop, I guess. Not sure what to expect. Not sure what to wear.

But, am not going to bail this time - have bailed on her twice in the past.

Did I mention I was nervous?

Met R from school, and her sister, for breakfast today. Second time this week we have done this. Sat and talked for four hours both times. Went over to her house and hung out with her family two nights ago.

I have hung out with J once alone, several other times in groups. Definitely some physical attraction for both of us but we are both in “be alone” mode. I’m nervous because it will be at her apartment, just the two of us, on New Year’s eve. Figure I’m going to go into it as friends and just be cool - but I’m nervous. Did I mention that?

Anyway, have a great night everybody.


Happy new years man


You too!


so you’re a total poon hound now? I love it!