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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


Yeah looks like you’re enjoying it.
Don’t shave man, you’ll never connect to the universe. Nah joking but beard looks good on you man.
And occasional do get to the gym :slight_smile: You’ll lose any muscles very quick.



Doing about an hour of yoga everyday, an additional ninety minutes twice a week. I’ve gained a few pounds, hovering around 177 but still having trouble making it to the gym. The yoga can be challenging. I typically do my hour in the morning, about 4:30, then off to work. BF staying steady around 14% - would like to lower that.

Moving to more plant based diet - except for Five Guys burger and fries on Saturday with my son. Met up with a class mate for yoga yesterday and she made vegan meatball soup for me - it was really good.

Mood is up and down, some great days, some meh. Settling down a bit I think.

Very much want to get back to the gym but it seems kind of counterproductive right now. I’m so tight that I have a hard time sitting in easy pose for meditation, so until I get more flexible, think the gym might have to stay on the back burner. I might add some cardio (god forbid) to drop my body fat some. Hoping to stay where I am weight wise for a while, get more flexible, then get back into the gym.

We’ll see.



Second weekend of yoga teacher training - pranayama. Yesterday was 8-6:30, today was 4:15 (AM) to 5:30 PM. A lot of asanas, chanting, and mantras.

Wacky shit.


How are you man? Yoga improving your quality of life?


Slowly, lol, but yes.



That’s good to hear!

No worries man


Do you find time to keep them muscles big and strong as well.


I realized a while ago that I wasn’t balanced. Front, back, top, bottom, strength and flexibility. This came up because of a relationship in which I was not balanced - I was way more into her than she was into me. Honestly, it’s kind of a reverse thing - she just liked my body, totally objectified me.

Kundalini yoga is a lot about the core - stretch pose, breath of fire, etc… So while I am not as jacked as I was, I’m pretty lean and getting more flexible. Once I get done with the teacher training, I will definitely go back to lifting but will continue to work on flexibility. I am so tight in the hamstrings it pulls on my lower back when sitting in easy pose.And, for training, we sit in easy pose for hours.

So @mortdk, no, I guess. But I will tell you this - we did an asana on Saturday and again Sunday that have my delts and traps on fire.

And, I am in love with a classmate - 24 women and me. She’s my age, batshit crazy, and we have been meeting on Sundays to practice. Friends now, but she is very pretty, and obvs, very flexible.

Good times!




Operation Body Rescue
OHP 6x3, PD’s 6x3, BP 6x3, Rows 6x3 - All on machines (more on that later)
DB BP 12x3, Curls 8x3, TPD’s 10x3

Tread Mill: 25 Minutes at 3% incline and 3.5 MPH.

Ninety minutes total.

I’ve just gotten sloppy over the last few months - with my TRT and with my diet - and my body is showing it. Weighed in at 179 this morning (after serious cheat day for T-Giving, so probably more around 175 or so). After years of walking around between 195-220, my skin is an X-Large, but my body is now a medium, and it doesn’t look good.

In the pursuit of yogic wisdom, I am switching to more plant based foods and have neglected to eat enough protein, and to lift enough weight. I’m going to have to find a balance between the yoga and weight training.

My membership at the iron head gym has expired, and I’m tight on cash, so I’m going to make do with PF for a while, hence the machine work today. I’m hoping to add lean mass slowly over the next few weeks/months and get some swoleness back.

Hopefully I stick with it.


Hey my mythical friend
Great to see you back lifting I thought about you the other day and would have suggested to go Calisthenic
like doing everything BW?
Pull ups, chin ups, fat man pull ups for the back
push ups various hand position for chest
Handstand push ups for delts
BW squats, lunges, pistols, bulgarians for quads
Nordic curls for hamstrings
And all sorts of core work

That would be awesome to go with the Yoga stuff :slight_smile:


BP, LPD’s, Rows, OHP, LP, Leg Ext, Leg Curls, all 6x4
DB Curls, Tri Extensions, 10x4

Treadmill 25 minutes, 3.5 MPH, 3% incline.

@mortdk - yeah, the body weight stuff would be cool, just more motivated at the gym, even if it is a purple box, lol.



Same routine, 7x4 today, no treadmill (ran out of time).

Beginning to feel like I am getting back in the groove - just have to keep it up.



Same, 8x4, no treadmill - it’s a nice day and I am going to take a walk outside.

Went to yoga twice this week, typically do half an hour on my own everyday (sadhana).

177 this morning @14% BF.

Edit - five mile walk, beautiful day here, clear and cold.


Confession - I’ve been off creatine since June. Just got tired of mixing up shakes and trying to fit it into IF.

Just ordered a new bottle, arrives tomorrow, and going back into shakes in the morning with creatine. Wondering how much weight I will gain on it. Typically, I gain about eight pounds when I start it back up, so we’ll see.



Same - 9x4. Going to yoga tonight…I think.

Edit - made it to yoga:)



Same, 10x4. Adding weight on Monday.


Debating how to work this double progression. It probably doesn’t matter so early in the return to the gym, but wondering if I add five pounds to my lifts, how much I should drop my reps. I was originally planning on dropping to six reps and adding a rep each workout, as I have been doing, but I feel like it’s a pretty significant drop in volume, which might be a good idea even though I feel fine.

Anyone with thoughts, feel free to weigh in.

Yoga Teacher Training tomorrow and Sunday, so definitely won’t be back in the gym until Monday at the earliest.


To six would work. So would eight. I’d go with a six to eight window.



Those ranges worked well for me earlier this year.