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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


Good post. I like your woowoo shit. Glad to hear you’re in a better place right now. Here’s to a good long stay there.


Thanks. Was a little self conscious about it.

Cool! Much more to come.


I mean, fuck yes!


Looking good my Mythical friend.
If that last couple of years hadn’t gone in to you, you’d be heartless.
Haven’t met anyone who thinks a divorce, moving out, not seeing the kids so much is fun.
What is good though is your woowoo stuff, has paid off, you’re at least for now in a fairly good position.
And when shit hits the fan again, you know how to get back.
The good part about turning older is, as you said we don’t give a fuck to other peeps opinion.
The alone part, man, it would take me some time to get adjusted to.


Great post my friend. There are always small bouts of freedom within depression. I have always wanted to figure out how to make them last , and I hope yours does


Sore AF yesterday, as expected. Still sore today but managed to do yoga this morning. Hopefully hit the gym tomorrow.


Kinda weird, thought I would share. I’ve been hovering around 14-15% BF according to my handheld Omron BIA device. Been there for a while and was disappointed. Last summer I was down to 180 and about 12%, so was feeling skinny fat at 175 ish and the aforementioned 14-15%

Restarted TRT after two weeks off, hit the gym two days ago, woke up this morning at 174 and 12.7%.

If I extrapolate that, I should be down to 8% in a week.


Yay for being in a better place mentally! :+1:

Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you are feeling better.



SQ BWx10, 45x5, 95x5, 135x5x3
OHP 45x10, 65x5, 95x5x3
BP 45x10, 105x5x3

BPA’s between squats, 15x4, crunches 25x4
Pullups between OHP 3,2,2,2
Curls between bench, 20x10x3

Progress, not perfection. Hopefully it will take less than six days to recover this time.



SQ BWx10, 45x5, 95x5, 140x5x3
BPA’s 4x20 and Crunches 4x25 in between.

Decided I needed to get to the gym more often so I’m going to have a squat day and a press day and work a little LP into it, adding five each workout.

So, hopefully tomorrow, will hit OHP at 100x5x3 and BP 110x5x3, throw in some pull ups and rows, and maybe some arm stuff, and then try to get back for squats on Thursday at 145x5x3.

Averaged 173.5 last week, weighed in at 176.6 this morning after a weekend with my son (Burgers, fries, cereal).

At the store with my son (he’s 12):

ME: Oh look, they have Cap’n Crunch “Oops, All Berries” (a really sugary cereal). How does that sound?

SON: It sounds like. . . diabetes.


Rough day today. My best friend at work is out on maternity leave but she had to come in today for training and she shared with me that her newborn son has Cystic Fibrosis. Beautiful baby boy, looks perfect.

Then, got an email from my mom that she has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This wasn’t really a surprise but it still was devastating. She’s 79 in November, so she’ll probably die with it rather than from it, and she has a great attitude about it - says she is going to outrun it.

So, that’s my day.


Oh fuck man.

That sucks.

Stay strong.


Holy crap Myth.

Shitty day…

Stay strong


So sorry my friend. Stay strong



Finally got back in the gym, albeit only for a half hour. I did squats, OHP, situps, BPA’s, pullups, BP, and curls, all 5x3 with lightweights. I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, but hoping to get back on Tuesday. Going to run a baby LP until I get back to a decent training weight and then switch back to 5/3/1.

Thanks for the support.


Glad you’re back brother.


Good to have you back my Mythical friend.



SQ, OHP, BP, BPA’s, crunches, Pull ups, curls.

Added ten pounds to my squat and five to my BP, OHP was too hard so I left it the same - lifting fasted again.

Glad to be back brothers.

Weight has stabilized at 175.

Hope to get back to the gym on Friday - I have yoga teacher training Saturday and Sunday so I won’t be able to get to the gym this weekend. Then, hopefully at least three days next week.



Just finished day 2 of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - I know, wacked out!

Yesterday was 9-7, today 4AM to 6PM. Obviously, a lot of yoga, but also a lot of sitting in easy pose and chanting, along with some direct instruction on the history of yoga and some other dogma that I actually like.

Next training is November 17-18, same schedule. In the meantime I have a boat load of reading to do and am supposed to do an hour of yoga and an hour and a half of chanting every morning at four - we’ll see how that works out.

Easy pose is misnamed for those of us dudes that lift. My hips are so tight that it’s hard to sit upright and after about ten minutes my lower back starts screaming at me.

By the way, I’m the only dude, other than the lead instructor, in a class of twenty five. A little weird to spend so much time with so many women and then come home to T-Nation.



Have not been to the gym, I’m a bad man.

But, I have been to the mat - yoga. Half hour at least for the last few days.

Kundalini is some wacky shit and I love it. We wear white to extend our aura, and don’t shave because hair is antennae to connect to the Universe.

This is me being a yogi.

Probably going to shave tonight, tired of being hairy AF.

The journey continues.


You look happy man. That’s good.