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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains



Still have not been to the gym, but have been doing yoga, lol. Looking less and less like I lift. Weighed in at 177 this morning, at 13.6% bodyfat.

Just saying, it’s not a good look for me.

But, been weaning myself off of T, haven’t been taking whey, haven’t been on any supplements, and haven’t been eating, for the most part, so it’s to be expected.

Think I might get myself down to 165, and then consider cutting some more, just saying. Twelve pounds to go!


Dude. No!


Maybe 160.


But why?


The Mythical person has disappeared… His body has been overtaken by alien forces.


Yeah, just pretty fucked up right now. Time will help.


Here for you man. Hope it gets better soon


Nah you’ll be good, leaning out is kinda awesome too. If you keep some muscles that is.
pre pic’s please.


Back to the gym this afternoon - it’s been almost three months.

Planning on taking it slow, just doing a SS style workout - OHP, BP, and SQ today, 3x5, then some pull ups (if I can) and some curls, maybe some shrugs.

All with light weight so I don’t die from DOMS.



You can. Maybe not many, but that’ll change sooner rather than later.



De-conditioned Debacle
SQ - BWx10, 45x10, 95x5, 135x5 (1RMPR = 290)
OHP - 45x5, 65x5, 85x5 (155)
BP - 45x5, 95x5x3 (215)

BPA’s between squats, 10x4, Pullups between OHP 3,2,2, curls 20x5x3

After the top set on squats, quads were quivering and hammies were hammering, decided I didn’t want to cramp up or die from DOMS tomorrow, so I called it good and moved on with lowered expectations. Figure it’s more important to get back in the gym on Sunday than it was to push.

Plan on taking it slow, get to where I can do 135x5x3 on squats, and then start a short LP.

A few reasons for the debacle:

  1. Three months away from the gym.
  2. I have lost 12 pounds in those three months, from 187 to 175.
  3. I turned 55 yesterday.

I figure I can start the LP a week from Monday and will put together a spread sheet to get back to 5/3/1 when my TM’s are back to where they were when I stopped lifting, probably 215SQ, 110Press, and about 165BP. Haven’t figured it out yet, so that’s a pretty general plan.

Going to try to recomp on the LP, stay around 175 and see how lean I can get - I was 15%BF on my Omron this morning.

Glad to be back - for now.


Happy birthday man! Good to see you back.


Happy 30th birthday myth! :wink::slight_smile:


Again, lol.


Happy birthday my mythical friend.
Gonna eyeball your LP to see how it works.
Good to have you back to lifting.


Up early AF to yoga and meditate, and can feel the DOMS setting in, Shit fuck, gonna be a long day.


Thanks - this one felt significant for some reason.


Happy birthday buddy!!!


Happy birthday mate


Thought I would share since 55 has me feeling my mortality. Just a heads up - if you’re not into dudes being all emo and shit, you probably shouldn’t read this.

If you’ve followed my log, you know most of this already. I’ve suffered major depression for the last two years, low grade depression for the last thirty, lol. I started on a spiritual journey almost two years ago, and frankly it just made things worse, trying to figure out why I was depressed, looking at my childhood and trying to figure out why I was so miserable.

I’ve read a lot of shit, about cPTSD, about being an empath, about depression. I’ve done a lot of shit - Reiki, Empath Academy, breathwork, Buddhism, meditation, Kundalini yoga, the woowoo shit.

I separated from my wife a year ago, moved out, got a girlfriend, lost said girlfriend, traveled, and now am alone. Miss my kids, my house, my dog, my old life.

And I turned 55. Wow.

The last five months have been fucking brutal, no other way to describe it.

On the outside, everything looks pretty good. I’m a tenured teacher, make good money, have a pension, think I look good.

On the inside, any criticism has me catastrophizing life. My boss was a little critical during my last observation and I immediately had myself getting fired, evicted, my kids being homeless, all of us living in a shopping cart in front of a Walmart.

That’s just how my mind works.

Or worked.

I have been reading Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, M.D. It’s about transforming your life so you can connect and get in the flow, woowoo shit.

And then I turned 55.

And, all of a sudden, I just don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. And I am okay being alone. And life is good.

Of course, this too will change.

And that is why I am posting this emo shit.

Hoping this will touch somebody, whether it moves you to think about your life, or moves you to laugh your ass off.

Either way, enjoy it.