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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains



Got back from my west coast trip, largely unsatisfactory and uneventful.

Realized my ex-GF in AZ is a psycopath or a narcissist - and that I may be too.

Didn’t lift at all - gyms were expensive.

Didn’t eat at all - too lazy.

Weighed in at 180 this morning at 15.6% bodyfat, so lost pretty much all muscle - you believe that @MarkKO?

Feel like I am going to be starting over on Monday. Reset my training maxes, but pretty sure I am going to have to take it slow - it’s been three weeks. Will probably just do another NLP for a few weeks until school starts, take it slow, adjust to being back in the gym.

Tapering TRT, thinking about trying to get off. Long story. At 100 mg per week now, might look into some Hcg and nolva to help.

Have that DYEL look, but vascular, not sure what is up with that.

Phone got stolen in Santa Cruz so wasn’t able to check in, forgot my password so laptop didn’t work either. Will post a pic later.

Anyway, back in New York, not sure whether to keep cutting or to start eating - kind of depends what happens with the PE Teacher, lol. I ended up blowing her off because I’m an isolating mother fucker, but she’s been HMU on text, so it still might me on.

Glad to be back on T-nation.


Pics, DYEL lol.


Kind of? Maybe you lost some muscle, but you look good.


Yeah, kind of your deal - did I lose five pounds of lean mass?

Did you only gain three?

Eff that BIA schizzell.

I feel fat, FWIW. We’ll see how many pull ups I can do.

On the other hand, you are beastly!


I also have to stretch my lats before wiping my backside, reaching around in the car is a 50/50 chance of lat cramping and tying my shoelaces is usually done with an elevated foot because the pressure in my head sure builds up otherwise.


You don’t look it.


This kind of made my day Mark.
I really have some trouble writing in english, and sometimes the contractions don’t make sense. Wonderful.


Funny story. I’m separated, in Cali for vacay, and end up matching on a dating site with this woman that is a PowerLifter, knows Rip and Wendler and Thrall.

We met for coffee, she was lovely. Has a huge Wilks and could probably bench me.

We’re going to keep in touch.


Some people pay good money to see this
Money tree + woo woo = win win


Have you heard the legend of Colonel Angus? It’s a juicy one…


Reminds me of a few jokes, but had never heard of the Colonel until now.

Appreciate it.


That’s awesome !!
And you look great , you’re too hard on yourself:p


Just be happy that you have vascular legs! When people our age sport veins in their legs, it’s usually of the varicose variety.


Had no idea you were an old timer too


Who, me? or Myth?


I met myth early when I joined I knew he remembered how dirt smelled new.


Ah, right, you joined while I was on family-induced haiatus. I’m 53. Okay, I’ll stop hijacking the man’s log, now!


Great quad definition.


Bro, hijack at will. All good with us old fucks - fitty five in two weeks.



I’d rather be jacked, lol.