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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


Welcome home!!! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Perfect. We all develop things that are out of balance, ways of coping that can be unhealthy. Glad that you were able to step a way and take the time. One of the best weeks of your life is pretty great, and probably unexpected given the kind of year you’ve had. I just looked up Kripalu. The name made me think you you were heading somewhere exotic, like Bali.

I think I’ve mentioned this before. My friend Molly is the person who taught me to meditate. Her home is like a zen retreat. She’s a practicing Buddhist and she’s traveled and stayed in some amazing places in India. I believe her form of Buddhism has a retreat in Colorado. I can’t remember the name of the branch she practices, but your mention of the teachers and Gurus made me think of her.

@ Korean Spas. You may have one near you since you’re in the NYC area. They’re not a place to learn, but they’re a nice way to step into a calm and peaceful place for someone who already has a meditation practice. The one near me is just $25. Of course, all the spa services cost more. I’m doing better with both my yoga and meditation practice, Myth. And I feel a difference on days I meditate, for sure.

Cool things. Nice to hear that you had such a great trip.




Ninety minutes of yoga and meditation.

@Powerpuff - I started going to the Kadampa Meditation Center (Buddhist) near me about six months ago and while I enjoy the meditation, and many of the teachings, it seems a bit inaccessible to me, particularly when they present the idea that our body is not our body through some convoluted argument about your hands are a part of your body, but not your body, therefore your body is made of parts that are not your body so your body is not your body.

Say what?

My retreat, and the guy I follow, I guess my teacher, was/is all about Kundalini yoga specifically, which is a different kind of cat all together in the yoga world. It’s more about connecting mind, body, and spirit through movement, sound, and breath. It incorporates mantras, music, postures, movements, and breathing. It seems pretty weird at first, but it really connects you to your inner divinity.

So true. I’ve learned to look at the last few years of my life as the universe teaching me that I need to get connected. I’ve only come to realize that my self medication was an attempt to suppress child hood issues, and that I had abandoned myself. Kundalini and its teachings has helped me to let go of the past and to get more present.

Yeah, Kripalu sounds exotic, but doesn’t really qualify. I am probably not going to go now because I have committed to Kundalini Teacher Training here on Long Island and that will most likely exhaust my budget.

This is great! One of the tenets of Kundalini is morning Sadhana, or spiritual practice. It’s a combination of yoga and meditation, waking the body up with a purpose and then setting an intention for the day through meditation. The hard core do it in the 2 1/2 hours before sunrise, typically about four in the morning, what they call the ambrosial hours. It’s a great way to claim victory for the day before the sun rises and it can get you really tuned in.

This one is 45 minutes.

I probably should have posted this in the Woo Woo thread, lol.


It sounds like you had a great experience, a gift from the universe at a needed time?


Definitely a gift - the universe will provide, lol!


C5W3D1 - SQ
BWx10, 45x5, 135x5, 190x5, 215x3, 240x4
BPA’s and crunches in between - 5x25

Assistance - DL 185x5x5
Pull ups - 3,3,3,3

Weak effort on PR set and pull ups - to be expected after the long layoff and the vegan diet. Figure it’s not bad all things considered.

Yoga this AM - 35 minutes.


C5W3D2 - BP
45X10, 95X3, 140X5, 160X3, 180X2

Assistance - OHP 45x10, 65x5, 95x3, 105x5x5
SS W/Pullups 4,4,3,3,3

Circuit - Curls 20x10x3, TPD’s 50x10x3, Shrugs 45x12x3

Guess the week off and the weight loss has taken it’s toll, the 180x2 BP is pretty weak. It’s a good think I am resetting after the de-load.

On the other hand, pull ups were better than last time - lower body weight I’m guessing.


Also you’re getting better at pull-ups. Remember maybe two months ago (if that) you were getting exhausted at three?


Bro, you just rocked a 1492 and took the time to encourage me on pull ups?

Get the fuck out with your big ass bad self.

So my son got up water skiing last week, went around the lake a few times I hear. My daughter and niece both face planted. Thinking it’s the strength to weight thing that is playing the same game with my pull ups.

Beginning to think pull ups are the benchmark of fitness. I hope to get to the point where I can rock ten or more. That would be seriously bad ass for a 54/55 year old at 185 pounds.

Thanks brother! So proud of you going 9/9, following your plan, working it so well. You’re a stud!


Of course. Also, 1479 :joy:

Pull-ups are fucking hard. It’s taken me as long to get to be able to do five of the fuckers reliably as it has to pull over 600 lbs. Think about that.

Yes, being lighter will help initially but if you keep at it, it won’t matter so much as long as the extra weight is muscle.


1492, 1479, whatever it takes. Brilliant performance man, and frankly, nothing less than expected.

Particularly thrilled with your bench - I know that has been an issue for you. And, I feel you bro after struggling to get two at 180 yesterday. #Hungry

Thinking about when you and I were close in weight, lol. Think I was around 195 and you were around 198, thought we might actually cross paths. What a strange journey this is. We were within three pounds of bodyweight, nowhere near each other in totals, and now you’re forty eight or so pounds heavier than I. Pretty sure if I gained those forty eight I would still be far behind your totals.

Awesome work. Inspiring. Go get 270! And 1600!


Thanks man. I’m honestly thrilled with everything. Bench has clicked, deadlift crossed that 600 and squat will follow soon enough.

I’ve got my eyes on that 747. Then the fun really starts.


Yeah, well, off on vacation again and resetting to cycle three, so three plate squat and two plate bench seem very far away.

But, plan your work and work your plan,


C5W4 - Deload

Yoga for thirty minutes, then hit Planet Shitness in Portland for a full body routine, about an hour.

Took a two mile walk this morning, then another tonight.

Having a great time with my kids, just gotta lay off the ice cream from Salt and Straw!


C5W4 - De-load

Same as the other day - full body at PF, half hour of yoga in the AM, plenty of junk food.

Head back to NY for a few days tomorrow night. Then head to Cali on Friday with an overnight in AZ.


Have a good trip!

Just leaving this here.

Very, very funny clip of Vonnegut talking about writing stories.


Wow, that is awesome.

Vonnegut was a great writer, and Slaughterhouse Five is one of my favorite novels.

Writing can be simple, as Vonnegut shows, but can also be very complex - if you have ever read Michael Chabon, you know what I am talking about.

The different styles always blow me away. One of my favorite novelists is Tom Wolfe, yet he is so different from Hemingway it’s ridiculous.

Typically, stories involve characters, writing, and plot. If you have two out of three, you have a good novel. But an editor once told me, give me a good character and I will follow them any where.

I’m a little nervous about the trip - going to see the woman that broke my heart on Friday night, then driving to Santa Cruz from Sedona.

But, had such a great trip to Portland and am feeling into myself so much more than I have in the past that I know it will all be good.

Thanks for posting!


Glad you liked it! Maybe something fun you can teach your students.

Indeed. He’s amazing. I’ve never seen anyone else write like he does. I’ve read Slaughterhouse Five and Galapagos.

I don’t know if I could handle a cordial, warm kind of friendship, at least not at first. I guess you feel what you feel, even if it’s painful to see her. Ultimately, it’s better to have a positive friendship I think. I’m just not sure I could be that mature. Take care of yourself. That could be rough.

That’s great. Remembering who you are. Glad you had a nice time with your kids. Both Sedona and Santa Cruz will be gorgeous, nice time to chill and meditate, and just be in beautiful places.

BTW, I’m like a fish to water with yoga. I got an ‘atta girl’ from a teacher for my body awareness, balance and strength. I was so proud! Haha. I got into crow pose!! Learning new things is good.


Imma just leave this here. Hope you’re doing well brother.


I believe you are a cunning linguist.

That line cracked my 80 year old mother up.