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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


C5W1D4 - DL
Hypers x10, DL 135x5, 150x5, 170x5, 195x10 (capped)
Assistance - SQ BWx10, 45x5, 135x5, 165x5x5
Bpa’s 20x5 and crunches 25x5 in between.

Got a good sweat going, felt good.


Buddy, sorry about your sort of relationship . I hope you feel back to your normal self soon. <<hugs.>


Just saw that one: sneaking in a rep PR nice.


Lifts look good, hope your personal stuff is doing ok as well.



It’s a challenge right now. Most of my issues have been triggered by this relationship but are not because of it, so I have some work to do. It was just pretty bad timing.



I know what my rep pr’s are going in and I thought 14 would be a challenge since I was fasted and have been losing weight, so I was very pleased to get it. Pretty sure I had another one in the tank.

I believe switching my assistance has made a difference. Still doing BBB but alternating assistance - on OHP I do BP now, used to do more OHP, and vice versa. Same with SQ and DL. I thinking doing the main lifts twice a week is helping me progress despite my challenges.


It looks that way.
And I like the opposite lift as well.
In the Darkhorse we do opposite lift as emom and dynamic work.
And I think it works very well.


It’s my new thing, Myth. I’m enjoying yoga classes so much. And the meditation part, too. Hey, so sorry that you’re going through grief in your personal life. Good things your way.


Thank you!

I’m glad you are enjoying the yoga. I am actually thinking about taking a teacher training in the fall - a little wacky on my part, but looking to get any edge I can.

Grief is an interesting choice of words because it is so spot on.


C5W2D1 - OHP
45X10, 65X5, 95X3, 110X3, 125X8 PR
Pull ups in between, 3,3,3,3,3

Assistance - BP 45x10, 65x5, 95x3, 130x5x5

Curls 30x6x4 SS with Shrugs 90x10x4
TPD’s 50x10x4 SS with FP’s 50x12x4

Happy with the PR set - six was the previous best and less than a month ago. Happy with the pull ups, will bump it to 4 next time.

Good workout.

Taking The Boy to Incredibles 2 in an hour, good times.


PR by two reps on OHP impressive :slight_smile:


You’re killing it, dude. Keep it going. Cheers.


For some reason my OHP is good, not sure why that is.

Not sure I am killing it, but thanks!


Your upper and middle back are getting stronger (better at pull-ups). Military press relies on a strong upper and middle back to push from.


C5W2D2 - SQ
BWX10, 45X5, 95X5, 135X3, 175X3, 200X3, 225X7
BPA’S and crunches in between 25x5

DL 135x5, 150x5x5
Pull ups in between 3,3,3,3,3

Not happy with the AMRAP or the pull ups, but weight is down so there is that.

Makes sense.

BP tomorrow, then heading to NC for a week so mid cycle de-load, lol. I’m staying at an ashram, sort of, so I doubt there will be any access to weights.


You’re getting a decent number of pull-ups in. Stick at threes for a couple more weeks. It’ll make a difference.


C5W2D3 - BP
45X10, 95X5, 130X3, 150X3, 170X6
Assistance BP - 135x5x5
Pull ups in between 3,3,3,3,3

I was fasted in the afternoon so not surprised by the weak AMRAP effort. Decided to do BP instead of OHP because of it. Also weighed in at 185 this morning, so there’s that.

Off to North Carolina at dark thirty tomorrow.



Just arrived home from week at the retreat, what a great trip.

I did yoga twice a day for about three hours total, plus meditation for another hour, and ate vegetarian all week (no choice). There was no AC, no fridges or TV’s, and we started the day with yoga and meditation for an hour at 6 AM everyday.

I will weigh and measure in the morning - I feel leaner.

Good times!


I was wondering how it went at the ashram. Sounds like such a relaxing, healing kind of trip.

I just read several articles about all the research on meditation and yoga. Good for your immune system, reduces inflammation and other negative health markers.

BTW, I found a Korean spa near my home and I can do a similar thing. You could spend the day in there, but I usually only have a couple of hours to get away.

Part of it looks like a Buddhist temple for meditation, and then there are several different large sauna rooms, and an ice room. Most of that part is co-ed and people are clothed, but they also have quiet meditation rooms and different pools and saunas, and a steam room that are only for women. Think Asian bath house, so men and women have privacy.

I took a journal and Writing Down the Bones. It was fantastic, Myth. This is my second time there, but I think it would be nice to do a tuneup every couple of months if I can find the time.

Have a nice summer!


Wow, synchronicity. One of the women on my retreat is a retired judge that recently went to another retreat and went to a Korean spa for the first time - she found it much like you did.

Here’s my spill. It was a retreat for people in recovery. It was held at a Hindu center and we were the only white people there. The retreat center was founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the successor to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Beattles guru. The Hindus and Sikhs believe in the “Golden Chain” and lineage goes back to Shiva, or some other Indian god, I forget.

We were separate from the rest of the retreat center, doing our own thing with a guy named Tommy Rosen, who is fucking brilliant. Tommy brought his own musicians to play during our yoga and they ended up playing at Satsang for over a thousand people when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spoke.

Apparently GuruDev was impressed because we ended up getting a private session with him.

I almost backed out and am glad that I didn’t. It was one of the greatest weeks of my life. In fact, I am probably going to Kripalu at the end of August for a four day retreat.

Thanks for sharing Puff!