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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


You’re probably just fatigued. Keep going. Back off next week.


Yeah, feeling run down. Last week was de-load but I think I didn’t actually deload, lol. I’m going to stick with the program, may cut down to I ain’t doing jack shit next week, but just see how I feel.

Strangely enough, mirror looks good.



C4W1D3 - BP
45X10, 95X5, 120X5, 135X5, 155X13, 95X10X5
DB ROWS 45X10X5 in between
Seated incline curls, hold at the top and slow eccentric 25x8x3
SS with Pec Deck 60x8x3

I probably had one more at 155 and it would have been a PR, but I didn’t know it until I got home, d’oh!

Felt much better today - I blame it on my accidental carb refeed from yesterday - somebody brought donuts.


Well a tied PR is okay too.
And if you’re in a fatigued state then it’s okay.


What you’re experiencing is accumulated fatigue, something a deload will slightly mitigate but not entirely fix. The reason I’m saying this is because your weights are progressing. You just feel shitty, which is normal. Keep going.

If you want to actually find out where you are, peak.


Appreciate the encouragement.

Part of the discouragement is that while my weights are progressing, I have been stronger - but not by much. This is usually the point that I get bored and discouraged and program hop. And, I think I am going to do it again - sort of.

I looked back to when I started this version of 5/3/1 in January. Since then, I have lost five pounds, three of it LBM, and that is discouraging.

However, my lifts have progressed. But, since I am getting fatigued, I think I need to make an adjustment, rather than a change in programs. The adjustment is that I am going to start eating more - not go bat shit crazy, but eat for recovery and focus on increasing my strength without being overly concerned with aesthetics. This is going to be a huge hurdle for me because I like being lean for Summer. But leaning out for every Summer, then starting over again in September, has, I think, really hampered my gains.

I may do this later, but I really have no idea how, lol.

Thanks again for the encouragement!

EDIT - Went back and calculated my estimated 1RM from March until now
OHP up 10 Pounds
BP up 31 Pounds
SQ up 19 pounds

Most of the gains are CNS, but it’s encouraging.


That’s a good plan. I can help you out with peaking if you need.


Aresome! I was looking through some USPA results. It looks like if I peak for a meet I would walk away with all of the trophys - cause, ya see, no other old men show up for those things.


I meant even just to test. Unless you want to do a meet, which would be awesome.


I would compete at 90kg and I don’t think a 500 pound total would be worth the entry fee, lol (but it would get me hardware since I would be competing against nobody)…

I might do it for testing at some point.



C4W1D4 - DL
Both platforms were in use, so I did my assistance and split.
SQ 10xBW, 45x5, 95x5, 115x10x5
BPA’s and crunches in between, 25x4
Curls 25x8x4

Weight steady at 189 average for the last two weeks.



Cold water therapy, lol. Went over to the house to open the pool, had to get in to skim the leaves, cold AF. My legs were cramping.


What was the temperature at???


Eighty outside, probably 60 in the pool, fahrenheit. It was cold AF!

But, got some sun finally, it was good.


Sore AF today after the 5x10@50%, WTF is that?

I read CT’s article on neuro typing, and I am definitely Type 2 - avoiding warm up sets and shit. I guess the DOMS from squatting at 50% proves why I avoid volume.

But, I know I need it. This cycle, squats and bench twice a week. I will do bench assistance on OHP and bench days, and will squat on squat days and do assistance on DL days.

Hoping to add LBM and weight to the bar.