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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains



C3W1D2 - SQ
BWX10, 45X5, 95X5, 135X3, 155X5, 185X5, 200X10, 120X3X10
BPA’S in between
Chin ups, 3x2

I started cramping up so I skipped the fourth set of BBB.

Big news is the chin ups. I haven’t even tried one in ten years or more. I used to do them assisted a few years ago, but just felt like I never had the body type to be able to get even one, was never able to since I was maybe ten years old, so I was pretty pumped to be able to get three twice. The power rack has a chin up bar and for some reason I figured why not. Planning on making these a goal now, going to try to get to ten for three sets.


Best way to improve pull-ups I found was to do sets of two between warm-ups for something. After four weeks, do sets of three. After four more weeks, sets of four, etc


Thanks! I’m going to be digging in to this some more. I expect I will have some good LP results based on being completely new to doing them so maybe not four weeks in between, but we’ll see.

I’ve never been clear on the difference between chin ups and pull ups, or the best hand orientation - palms pronated or supinated. I believe pronated are pull ups, supinated are chin ups.

See the theme I am developing? The Myth is ignorant.


Chin ups are supinated/underhand grip. Pull ups are pronated/overhand. Neutral grip - - I just refer to them as neutral grip pull ups.


Walked out of my gym today and your icon was on the window of a car in the lot, felt like you were stalking me.


Nice! With the rise of Instagram and internet companies I’ve seen a lot more pro police stuff. There are several companies that sell workout clothes, shaker bottles, bags, and stickers.

The Thin Blue Line Punisher skull is a favorite. I see it as tattoos too. Just feel relieved that there’s a sheep dog nearby whenever you see it. :blush:



C3W1D3 - BP
45X10, 75X5, 95X3, 115X5, 135X5, 150X15, 115X4X10
Rows 50x8x4, Curls 20x8x4, TPD’s 60x12x4, Face Pulls 60x12x4, Shrugs 55x12x4

Not sure about PR’s as all my old files are on the computer back at the house, but I think the 150x15 is a PR - it’s one more than I got last time I repped 150.

I screwed up on the BBB assistance set - did at FSL weight rather than 50%. It was challenging, but I think it’s an indication, along with the AMRAP, that my TM on bench is too low. I’m going to bump it by ten next cycle.


No, it isn’t. It’s where it should be.


Lol, I knew you were going to say that. I had it in the back of my head, start low, go slow, hit PR’s.


Remember, the numbers don’t matter. What matters is that you accumulate fatigue, recover and repeat.


That’s crazy talk bro!

I’m just in a big ass hurry to get to two plates on the bench, but you sense do make Yoda.



One hour Vinyasa yoga - RPE 25


Yup your TM is just in check.
You get a PR on the bench, that’s an indication that you are in the sweet spot.
In week 3 I bet you won’t be getting 15 reps :slight_smile:
We will get 2 plates on the bar before the year is over.


“Size matters not”