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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains

What about sumo? Too similar to conventional to avoid the back issues?

Dude, absolutely not! Sumo is a fantastic idea. I didn’t suggest it because I thought all DL variations were out. It’ll leave your back alone, so I’d make sure to do back extensions and stuff if possible.

If you haven’t already, a good way to find your stance is to set up so your knees are directly above your ankles. That’ll ensure you have vertical shins. Don’t go wider than that until you’re comfortable. You’ll have to experiment with how wide to splay your feet. Forty five degrees is probably a good starting point.

Be patient off the floor. Keep the bar in contact with your shins at all times, and your shoulders behind the bar.

A’ight, next DL day I will try it out.

I have spinal stenosis, it’s never really bothered me but on occasion it will act up and I think my lack of technique and experience make conventional DL a real problem for me. Triumvirate has Good Mornings on press day, I think, and I don’t feel comfortable with those either so I’m doing Hypers instead. Will start with Supermans and work into the GM’s. Maybe I can work my way into conventional dead lifting at some point.


10x45, 5x85 WU
5@ 125
15@145 RPE 7

DBBP 5x15@25ea RPE 7
Rows 5x10@65 - the chest supported thing

Was going to do curls and tri presses but the rows took it out of me - guess I shouldn’t have done the pull aparts and face pulls yesterday.

The final set of DBBP was a little taxing from 11-15 but overall I feel really good. I very much like getting in and getting out in an hour or so. My final weeks of SS it was taking me almost two hours.

I’m also surprised by how good I feel lifting fasted. I know it’s not ideal for gaining muscle but I think it’s pretty effective for fat burning. I’m taking BCAA’s while fasting and losing more fat than muscle, I’m down ten pounds and most of it has been fat according to my BIA scale.

After Summer, I plan on eating at maintenance, maybe a bit over, and trying to add some LBM over the Winter. Until then, going to keep trying to get lean.

You could always try an elevated deadlift, like a block pull. Pulling off the floor can be difficult for some folks. I’m a big fan of avoiding it as much as possible.

I don’t see any Hip Thrusts! Where are the Hip Thrusts?!:grin:

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I said I had no interest in getting “a nice big ass” for the record! It would be more appropriate to admit that I am a big “Ass.”

Piss off. I’m sticking with my interpretation. How else am I going to justify imagining Alec Baldwin doing Glute Bridges?

With a nice big ass and a pitching wedge for weight?

Hopefully for a laugh and not for some other nefarious purpose…ewww, imagery.

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I don’t think it does, and it certainly doesn’t if you don’t want it to.

Remember, conventional DL is just one option. Sumo is another. There are many ways to achieve the same goal.

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SQ 5x45, 5x95, 3x135 (WU)
5x165 RPE 6
5x190 RPE 7
5x210 RPE 9

Leg Extensions 5x15@65
Ham Curls 5x10@60
Pull Aparts 5x20
Face Pulls 5x15@25
Shrugs 5x20@60 ea

I looked again, my version has Good Mornings and Hanging Leg raises, but it really doesn’t matter - the whole deal is about doing three (tri) exercises and clearly, INDTP. The main thing is the 5/3/1 on the main lifts.

Happy Father’s Day everybody! It was nice to get my session in first thing this morning, felt good. Major lower back pain on the last set of squats so I just hit the five reps and got out of the squat rack. It hurts when I first put the weight on my shoulders, at the bottom, and when I re-rack the weight (when my spine is compressed and decompressed), and the shrugs hurt as well. That makes me think it’s a disk issue, will talk to the chiro about it on Tuesday. Because of the pain at the bottom I descend slow and don’t get the benefit of the stretch reflex which makes the RPE higher than it should be. 210 should be no problem.

Have fallen in love with the pull aparts and the face pull. Not sure how long that will last, but I’d like to improve my traps and I’ve never been able to (probably because I never deadlifted). I do them between sets on other exercises so they don’t add any time to the workout. In and out in just over an hour again today, love it.

Got a Fitbit. Not sure what I plan to do with it, but my resting heart rate is 62 - not bad for an old man that quit smoking three months ago, and quit drinking six months ago.

In spite of being calorically deficit, I have managed to gain weight this week. I know, I know, water! But, I’m disappointed because I thought the IF was a magic bullet. On the flip, most of the weight gain was LBM according to my scale (which wouldn’t be water weight, hmmm!).

Thinking about dropping the training max on my Squat to give my back some time to heal up and not exacerbate the problem.

Going on vacation in three weeks, won’t have barbell access, wondering how to time things so it’s a deload week. I think I will lift 4/5 and try to cram the first three weeks of my second cycle in before vacation and then have vacay a deload. I might have to do OHP and DL together, and BP and Squat together. Will figure it out.

Pretty schizophrenic post, I know. Gotta go vacuum the pool.


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10x45, 5x70

Dips 5x15
Chins 5x10
PA’s 5x20
Ab work between sets

Another good session. Back feels good. Will see what happens when I try Sumo tomorrow.


Sumo DL 3x5@135
HLR, Hypers, PA’s, FP’s

Very little pain on the sumos but I didn’t want to push it. I think I might do LP on the DL’s moving forward to make sure my form is right and I’m healing right. It felt great!

Great to hear! You could try doing more volume of sumo. It’s a LOT easier on the body than conventional. Play around.

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BP - 10@45, 5@95
DBBP 5x15@30ea
Krocs 5x10@30
Shrugs 5x20@55
Tri PD’s 5x15@35
Bicycle crunches 5x15
Vacuums - 5x3

Screwed up the weight on my first working set, should have been 120 but I didn’t realize it until I had finished what I thought was going to be a warm up at 135.

Tomorrow is squats and I reset my training max to 200# to let my back heal up so I’m thinking about doing another 3x5 of sumos, sort of like the BBB Opposite template. Will see how I feel.

Something funky going on with my weight - I’m at least 3,000 calories deficit per week and I gained weight. I ate sushi with soy sauce yesterday so I’m probably holding water.



10@45, 5@95
Leg Extensions 5x12@75
Leg Curls 5x12@70
FP’s 5x12@35
PA’s 5x20

Obviously, the back feels good. It felt good after my first two sets across so I figured out how many reps I needed to translate out to a 315 one rep max (Epley). That number was 23, so I repped out 23. First time I’ve done that many reps on any squat, felt pretty good afterwards. Now, I figure I need to change my training max since my back seems to be back to normal. Figure I will put it at 250 and finish the cycle, then bump it to 260 for cycle two.

After the 23 I figured doing dead lifts again would be a bad idea. I bumped the weight on my accessory lifts and dropped the reps to twelve. Will go up to thirteen next week, fourteen the week after, then fifteen, then bump the weight again and drop back down to twelve. Progressive overload, right?

Might start week three tomorrow after my last day of work. I’m off for the summer, woohoo. I’ve been lifting before work and am a bit tired so I could use a little sleep. Also, would be nice to lift after eating - been doing it fasted for most of the last two weeks.

Weight was down again this morning so it was definitely water - as if I didn’t already know.

Walked out of the gym at six this morning and the back tire on my bike was flat. Took me half an hour to change the tube and pump it up - first time on the back for me, only the third flat I’ve ever fixed, all in the last six weeks. Hope that’s it for a while.


10@45, 5@75
Chins 5x10
Dips 5x15
Pec Deck 5x15@40

Disappointed with the AMRAP set, but, to be expected considering how many days in a row I have worked out fasted.

In general, OHP is just plain terrible for AMRAP. Something about having the bar on your chest and pressing it a bunch just kills your soul and saps your energy. Pretty much any OHP AMRAP day you can walk away from is a good one. I know Jim has actually built a few templates now where, instead of AMRAP, you do something like 10-15 sets of 5 to just hammer it with volume.

I feel mo betta now. I track my calculated maxes based on my AMRAP sets and this week was more than last week, so I’m progressing.

I believe I’m going to take tomorrow off so I can go into Manhattan for the WNBF Pro Masters and Hercules SPQ and think it’s a day off that is overdue. Will come back and hit Deadz on Sunday refreshed and ready to rumble.

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Better than bench IMO. But I’m a pretty shocking bencher