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The Pulse Feast Calories Question


I couldn't find the article discussions part of the forum anymore and I couldn't comment on the articles LiveSpill.

So I wanted to ask a few questions, mainly because the article has grabbed my attention for a few reasons.

Firstly it seems very straight forward and cheap. Considering you'll only be eating solid food in the evening/night it could save you a lot of money even with the price of the supplements involved.

My only doubts and real questions about this is as follow.

While I accept you may not need to eat day round every couple of hours, a lot of people have had success with that and it is pretty much an accepted bodybuilding fact that it's the best way to gain appreciable mass.

What I want to know is, if you truly don't need to do it that way as the article claims, where are your calories coming from? How are you covering your Base metabolic rate, let alone enough calories to gain weight? It seems like a pretty cool method for cutting but it's not like T-Nation hasn't already provided the V-Diet. This just seems to me like a bastardized version of that.

So I would like to know how you propose you can actually gain size/weight/mass with the pulse feast if the calories aren't there?

If you can convince me I'll be one of the first to give it a shot as my budget is pretty low right now in regards to food.




I'll have to try for myself to see if it work. But the idea of simply maintaining weight or lowering BF with saving the time to eat/prepare/wash both breakfast + diner is so appealing that I'll try it anyway.

Maybe the lowered calorie requirement comes from better resource use, even at 10%BF you got fat enough fat to fuel you for a few weeks with your stores alone. There's a lot saved up and pulse feast might allow you to tap into those resources and while avoiding burning muscles.

Protein requirement might be limited by this too. In fact, the theory behind eccentric-less is to cause muscle growth stimulation without breaking down proteins from eccentric so that too will decrease protein requirement. Maybe the old 2-2,5 grams of protein per KG is outdated with those new principles.


Why are you unable to comment on the livespill? I think they did away with that forum or something, unsure as I really have not looked myself.


I get some thing saying viewers can't comment on LiveSpill or something similar.


you're still getting a lot of calories....about 300 from pulsing I believe and then the protocol which adds up to ~520 using 2 scoops MAG-10, 2 ANACONDA, 2 Surge Workout Fuel. So that's 800, plus you should be able to consume 2-3000 calories in a 4 hour window at night.

EX: I get the tombstone light pizzas, I have no problem eating a whole one which is a little over 1000 calories, and I could eat atleast 2 in that window plus other food. But I think he stated timing of nutrients is key, and also if if you are taking the protocol it is hard not to gain because your taking in nutrients at the most vital time.


I was really excited about this "diet" before I realized its just a way to sell more expensive supplements.


Yea, I was gonna say the same thing. Why have people pulse once a week when these guys will do it everyday?


I used to think exactly the same way. In my opinion, this is an excellent question.
The thing is, I've been actually doing a similiar (not exactly the same) version of the pulse feast ever since the pulse FAST protocol came out, and stumbling into this has really changed the way I eat.

I found great success in the 6 meal a day (365 days/year for DECADES) route....it was tried and true by many aspiring muscle/strength builders. It simply works, especially for those who are somewhat ectomorphic to begin with.

It is my opinion (and I believe it is stated in the articles) that the birth of these type of "liquid" diets come from those who are actually more ectomorphic and were desperately seeking a new way to deal with the issue of their disposition to deposit nutrients into fat rather than muscle. The V-diet was the precursor...and came the pulse fast. And now, the pulse feast.

My physiology is predominantly ecto-mesomorphic, so I need (or thought I needed), a whole lot of calories and nutrients to gain or sustain my muscle building endeavors. Since reading about the pulse fast and attempting it (and FAILING at even being able to go through with it), like I mentioned, I stumbled upon a version of the pulse feast. I have to state: the pulse feast (incarnation I used that is...that's the only experience I have so far) is the way to go for me these days. I feel much "tighter", my already relatively low bodyfat amount is less (subjectively....I will be embarking on my own more scientific experiment on this shortly), and I am not losing lean tissue nor strength. Quite the contrary...I believe (again subjectively for now) I am gaining lean mass and my energy and power levels are greater.

So, where I thought these types of diets are only perhaps really good for ectomorphs, I think I was wrong.

A speculation I have but can't really prove, is that I might have had to eat the 6 meals/day for my gains simply because my body's ability to process (digest) food might not be as efficient as I thought. So, if I consume 350 grams of protein total in my 6 meals, I might have only really been efficiently absorbing 200 grams (plus or minus whatever).

With the intake of something like MAG-10 (or Metabolic Drive Muscle)which is "advertised" as being easier to digest (with the claim that easier to digest means more nutrient efficient) during something like the pulse feast, I might now be getting at least that 200 grams or more into my bloodstream and into my cells. Again, I can't prove it....but I know how I feel doing this as compared to how I felt before.

Just laying out my thoughts here. I still think this is an excellent question you've posed and stating my present subjective results.


It is easy to be skeptical of any new idea...hell, it is probably safest that way.
However, there is something in the saying that you never know until you honestly try.
I am also skeptical of alot of things written on this site (and others), but I'd rather test out the proposals (that's what alot of these articles are actually....proposals) and experiment because you never know what might actually work for you.


I do feel like the article was written as a sales pitch. Don't get me wrong I'm going to try it... but would of rathered it be written with less emphasis on specific supplements. Simply not mentioning "MAG-10" till the end as a good Hydrolyzed Casein selection would of been better.


That would've made no sense? The whole idea of the fast is creating huge peaks and valleys of amino acids, and MAG-10 is what gets in and gets out the fastest, which accomplishes that goal the best.


It does make sense actually. You are right on with the theory of the fast (i.e. the amino peaks and valleys), but it is the HYDROLYZED CASEIN in MAG-10 that accomplishes this. So the previous commenter is right on when he mentioned that.


To be precise is the casein hydrolysate AND leucine that makes it work.

It works...

Intermittent fasting works... pulsing with the proper protein simply makes it work better. So sales pitch in that post.


Coach - For some reason I have never been able to post in the livespill. Since you're the last that posted, I've been giving the pulse/feast strategy a whirl since last Thursday; so today is my 4th day. This strategy mainly appealed to me because I'm tired of cooking multiple times per day, carrying around my food/pyrex containers and I no longer really look forward to eating anymore; I feel robotic.

Problem: I feel absolutely terrible, lol. I lift in the mornings, using the second protocol and then pulse as instructed and then feast to my hearts content at night before bed time. I feel fine in the mornings but after a few hours after lifting, I start to feel lethargic, I cannot think as clearly and almost want to just stop moving which isn't an option at my job. I do feel like my body comp is tighter even though my weight has gone up but I "feel" weaker and drained.

Question: Is it possible that this eating strategy isn't for everyone? Do you have any suggestions that could help?


My apologies for chiming in where my comments may not be wanted...but I'll take a risk and give my opinion.

I was EXACTLY like you....just drinking MAG-10 all day took a long time to "adjust"...and I never really did completely. I think this is why the protocol calls for taking Alpha-GPC and/or Power Drive to help with the "brain fog" due to lack of carbs (like me).

I have found that even that strategy didn't work very good for me on weekdays for work. I have to really be on my game at work as I make many business/technical decisions that always seem to be some type of emergency. Whoa boy....when I tried in the beginning the pulse fast in the morning and afternoon and then feasted at night, I was struggling during the day.

This is why I experimented with a slightly different (and most likely less desireable from a pure physique changing standpoint) protocol that used Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth instead of MAG-10 only. The small amount of carbs in that formula (GOOD carbs I should say...not too fast, not too slow) really helped me survive on a "liquid" diet in the mornings and afternoons, and then I feasted on whole solid foods in the evening. MAG-10 was used strictly for peri-workout....this protocol has so far been the absolute BEST of all worlds for me. Not as good I think as the pulse feast as proposed by the article from a pure physique transformation aspect, but close (for me) while keeping me sane and efficient at work and most importantly, it has been awesome for my digestion.


I have to also say, embarrassing so, I simply did not have the mental fortitude to do a complete pulse fast....I never succeeded in doing a single one. That's a little how I stumbled on my own a similiar pulse feast concept; out of utter failure. : )


@CT i know you need to keep your carbs up for Indigo-3G. would pulse feasting work well with Indigo-3G and still gain muscle mass while doing the hypertrophy?